Local Men Charged After Uniontown Wheel Theft

Two Crothersville men face theft charges after wheels taken Tuesday at a Uniontown business.
According to Jackson County Officer Rick Meyer,

Roger Brooks, 30, and Butch Kelshaw, 28, both of Crothersville where charged after four automotive rims were taken from a vehicle at Bill’s Auto Sales at Uniontown. That incident was reported around 11:30 a.m. last Tuesday, March 29.
The owner of the business, Bill Brooks, told investigators he walked outside and saw a person walking from his lot and getting into a green Land Rover that was parked on Indiana 250. The owner then began looking at a security camera and told police he saw a person taking rims from his property and putting them into the Land Rover.
Meyer said police were able to retrieve the license plate number and county Officer Tom Barker went to the address of the owner of the Land Rover in Crothersville.
Meyer and Barker continued the investigation by visiting Southern Indiana Recycling and found the rims taken in the theft from Bill’s Auto Sales along with information about two men who sold the rims.
That information led to the arrests of Brooks and Kelshaw, who both face charges of theft and possession of stolen property.
Both men were booked in to Jackson County Jail.