Local Firefighters Recognized For Service

online-p1-fire-awardFire Chief Ben Spencer (left) presents the Firefighter of the Year award to Cody Defibaugh and Asst. Chief Charles Densford (right) presents the EMS Responder of the Year award to Chris Seal during the recent Crothersville-Vernon Township Fire Department Holiday Awards Dinner.
~photo courtesy of CVTFD

The Crothersville-Vernon Township Fire Department recognized two top volunteers during their recent holiday award dinner.
Cody Defibaugh was named Firefighter of the year and Chris Seal was named the EMS Responder of the year by fire chief Ben Spencer. Defibaugh has been with the local volunteer fire department since 2914 and Seal has volunteered with 2007.
Ray Maxie and Ritz Brandenburg, two local civilian volunteers were named honorary firefighters for their efforts and assistance throughout 2016.
Spencer gave a run down of the department activity for 2016.
She said the local department was called out on 336 runs for fire, rescue and medical assistance.
Spencer reported the locals were called to 12 structure fires, six field fires, 12 vehicle fires, 62 motor vehicle accidents, four hazardous materials responses, and 29 calls for miscellaneous such are fire alarms, downed power lines, etc.
Spencer said the local department was called to neighboring departs for mutual aid assistance 11 times during thee year and received mutual assistance from other departments eight times in 2016.
The department first responders were called out to assist residents 192 with medical issues.
The chief said that the new Vernon Township Fire District is up and running. Residents will see no change in the operations of the department as a result of the fire district as it is a funding mechanism to pay for fire and emergency response services.
The local fire department conducted four firefighter training classes for Jackson and surrounding counties.
•5 firefighters passed State Mandatory training.
•3 firefighters passed State Hazmat training.