Local Candidates Toss Hats Into Ring

Several county residents have filed to seek elective office prior to the deadline at noon last Friday to run in the May 6 Primary Election.

Locally, Alisa K. Sweazy of Crothersville filed to run for Vernon Township Board on the Democrat ticket. She is joined by Democrat incumbent township board member Odes Densford of rural Austin. Incumbent Republican township board member Roger Teipen had earlier filed to seek re-election.

Scott Kovener of Crothersville filed to run on the Democrat ticket for Vernon Township Trustee.

Jeff Lane of Seymour filed to run for Jackson County Sheriff on the Democrat ticket. Republicans seeking the office are incumbent sheriff Michael Carothers and former sheriff and current county commissioner Jerry Hounshel.

Vickie G. Ault of Freetown filed to run for county recorder on the Democrat Ticket. In the fall she faces incumbent Republican Linda Auleman.

In races for county council:

County Council District 1: Brian Tidd (D); Michael Davidson (R).

County Council District 2: Karen Metz (D); Leon Pottschmidt (R-Inc).

County Council District 3: Brian H.Thompson (R).

County Council District 4: Gregory V. Prange (D-Inc), Bridey Grant Jacobi (R).

County Commissioner District 3: Matt Reedy (R-Inc).

County Assessor: Bev Gaiter (D-Inc.); Kay Schwade (D)

Filing to seek other township offices in the county were:

Brownstown Twp

Trustee: Jennifer Saucerman Isaacs (R-Inc)

Twp Board: David Greger (D), Kenneth J. Turner (D), Cint Wolka (D), Brittany Percival (R), Hope Warren Sitterding (R), Larry Raymer (R), Beverley Hanner DeWitt (R), Jack R. Gillespie (R).


Carr Twp

Trustee: Mary Ann Ault (D-Inc)

Twp Board: Joe Campbell (D), Sharon S. Ingle (D),


Driftwood Twp

Trustee: V. Carol Wheeler (R-Inc), Jerry L. ‘J.L.’ Brewer (D)

Twp. Board: Gary Hackson (D), John Hartley (R)


Grassy Fork Twp

Trustee: Park D. Hackman (D-Inc)

Twp Board: Craig Klinge (D), Stan D. Darlage (D), Janette Kay Elliott (R).


Hamilton Twp

Trustee: Jerry D. Otte (D-Inc.), Staci Lambring Eglen (R).

Twp Board: Howard Wente (D), Donald Schnitker (R),


Jackson Twp

Trustee: William Marsh (R-Inc.), Ellis G. McCormick (R); John Steele Burkhart (D)

Twp Board: Melissa Elkins Hayes (R), Larry K. Sunbury (R), Pat Baxter (R)


Owen Twp

Trustee: Karen Branaman Wagoner (D), Frank Fisher (R-Inc),

Twp Board: Cora Lucas (D), Justyn Underwood (D), David Hall (R),


Pershing Twp

Trustee: Bruce McKinney (D-Inc.)

Twp Board: Sharon Kay Yost (R), Doyle Lyon (R), Ronald L. Cornett (D)


Redding Twp

Trustee: Conrad R. Calmer (D-Inc.)

Twp Board: Max W. Noblitt (D), Patricia Hercamp (D), David Merry (D), Giles Spaulding (R).


Salt Creek Twp

Trustee: Autumn Kinser (D)

Twp Board: Judy Goforth (D), Stephen Hanner (D), Karen Kinser (D).


Washington Twp

Trustee: Sharon K. Reedy (D)

Twp Board: Richard Darlage (D), Richard Stuckwisch (D), Alan J. Pollert (D).