Local Business Launches New Travel Activity: “Adams Adventures”

Bill Kauth, co-founder of The Mankind Project was really on to something when he said, “Being with other people in a safe, supportive situation can actually change who we think we are… And as we grow closer to the essence of who we are, we tend to take more responsibility for our neighbors and our planet.”

Crothersville business owners Mark and Leslie Adams, of Adams Funeral Home, take community responsibility to heart and it is one of the reasons they are spearheading a new community activity program called ‘Adams Adventures’. “We want our neighbors to get out and enjoy new people and new places,” said Leslie Adams. She goes on to explain that ‘Adams Adventures’ is a community activity program created to bring people together in fun-fellowship to experience new places, try new things and meet new people.

The community activity program includes a once a month trip to a different location of interest. “Each month we will travel to a different place,” Adams explains. “One month a museum, then a theater play or musical, a shopping outing at an outlet mall, festivals, fairs or viewing holiday lights come Christmas time!”

Mark Adams added, “This type of community activity program fits perfectly with the mission of Adams Family Funeral Homes & Crematory. For more than nineteen years, we have served families before, during and after the passing of a loved one. For many people, it is the “after” that proves to be the most difficult in finding joy again.”

It is the hope of Mark and Leslie Adams that this new community activity program, ‘Adams Adventures’, will help many through the pain of loss, loneliness and grief. While this program does have its roots as a grief support group to help family members enjoy life again after the loss of a loved one, the idea has grown to include anyone and everyone in the community who seeks fun, friendship and fellowship.

Reservations and payment will generally be required 3-4 weeks in advance. Each trip will have three separate pick-up locations and all of these pick-up locations will be at the Adams Funeral Homes & Crematory parking lots in Crothersville, Scottsburg, and Henryville. Some of the day trips may be child-friendly and will be indicated with a “Kids Welcome” on the schedule. As with any well-planned trip, we will stop to enjoy a delicious meal. Cost of each trip will always include ticket (if required) and transportation. Meal costs may be included in price or will be on your own depending on the trip.

There is not a fee to join ‘Adams Adventures’ and there is no obligation to attend a minimum number of trips

On Friday, June 19, a trip to Stream Cliff Herb Farm in Commiskey is planned. Lunch will be a choice of two menus. After lunch, attendees will participate in a project learning how to grow, harvest, and blend potpourri. The shops, gardens, and green houses will all be open for browsing. Tickets are $35 that includes transportation, lunch, beverage, dessert, tax, gratuities.

To sign up for the ‘Adams Adventure’ in June, contact Mark Adams, Adams Family Funeral Homes & Crematory at 812-793-2571 or 812-294-1300 by this Friday, May 22.

Other trips include a family travel to the Creation Museum in Petersburg, KY in July. Tickets are $25 payable by June 24 and in August will be a dinner theatre at Derby Dinner Playhouse for the comedy “Church Basement Ladies in the Last Potluck Supper”