Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:
Your January 13 column (Tax Caps Won’t Mean Much for Rural Indiana) rightly pointed out that the caps won’t be of much help to rural Hoosiers. I maintain that it won’t help most of the rest of us either. In fact, the harm to low and middle income families, including most retirees, will be monumental.
Not only will schools, park programs, law enforcement, fire protection and dozens of other community services decline, but we’ll be paying as much as 12 cents on the dollar in sales tax by the end of this new decade—probably the first hike coming as soon as 2011.
It’s too bad folks so readily swallow the myth that we don’t need taxes to pay for services.
Glad to hear that there will be at least two votes against that constitutional amendment which forces the tax burden on the low and middle class—yours and mine.
Bob Rhude