Letter To The Editor

To the Editor:
In March 2010, every household across the nation received a census form. Required once every 10 years by the U.S. Constitution, the 2010 Census will count every man, woman and child living in the United States.
Every year the federal government distributes more than $400 billion to tribal, state and local governments based on census data. But a lack of participation can result in our community and nation receiving less federal funding and less access to important services and resources than we might otherwise have received, like neighborhood improvements, public health, education, transportation and much more.
Census data also are used to reapportion seats in Congress and assure proper district representation in state and local governments. After the last census, the State of Indiana lost
one seat in the House of Representatives and one Electoral Vote due to the lack of response. An accurate count will help ensure the people in this community are fairly represented in all levels of government.
During Census 2000, 66 percent of households in Crothersville, returned their census forms by mail. Nationally, 72 percent did so as of the April 2000 cut-off. I believe we can do even better in 2010. That’s why today, we are issuing a challenge to everyone in Crothersville, Indiana to take 10 minutes to participate in the census by answering the 10-question census form. Together, we can create a better tomorrow for ourselves, our family and our community.
NaLona Bush

How did we stack up in 2000? Brownstown-2,978 pop. -72%, Medora-565 pop. -67%, Seymour-18,101 pop. -70%, Austin-4,724 pop. -58%, Scottsburg-6040 pop. -61%, Salem-6,172 pop. -70%, Madison-12,004 pop. – 70% and Columbus-39,059 pop. -72%.