JCIDC Celebrates Record Economic Development Year

“It’s incredible what’s happened here in the past year,” Gary A. Meyer, president and CEO of Schneck Medical Center, said in welcoming guests at Jackson County Industrial Development Corporation’s “Reports, Reviews and Rewards” luncheon Wednesday, July 18, at The Pines Evergreen Room, Seymour.

Meyer, who is president of JCIDC, was referring to a total of more than $150 million in industrial development projects announced by various companies in Jackson County.

Meyer introduced the featured speaker for the program, Daniel J. Hasler, Indiana secretary of commerce and CEO of the Indiana Economic Development Corporation, who said, “It is not an accident that this county has seen so much success. He said entrepreneurs looking at Indiana “see a statewide economy that is robust, offering a lower tax burden and business-friendly state and local governments. These things matter.”

Hasler said prospects who visit Jackson County see local agencies, utilities, and city and county officials working together to solve problems.

And he said Jackson County possesses what he called “community self-awareness.”

“You know what you are, you present yourself that way, and you don’t try to be something you aren’t,” he explained.

Hasler emphasized the importance of peer-to-peer relationships, encouraging leaders in existing local industries to help spread the word about the advantages of doing business and living in the local area.

Hasler noted that entrepreneurs looking to start or expand a new business may have tried other projects that failed in the past, but he said many learn from those experiences and go on to greater success.

“Entrepreneurs put their time, talent, and treasure on the line,” Hasler said. “We need to be more forgiving and be appreciative of the risks they are taking.”

Hasler also had praise for Jim Plump, executive director of Jackson County Industrial Development Corporation (JCIDC), saying, “Jim has been a great ally and a wonderful guide for me” in the eight months since Hasler was appointed secretary of commerce.

Plump introduced a number of local industry representatives and members of the JCIDC board of directors, including Meyer, Curt Kovener, Craig Luedeman, Kevin Gabbard, Bill Bailey, Roger Bane, J. L. Brewer, Montie Dunn, Rodney Farrow, Blake Fish, Kevin Johnson, Ben Lewis, Jeff Morning, Chip Orben, Fred Pollert, Matt Reedy, John Secor, Tina Stark, Lonn Stuckwish, Marvin Veatch, Bud Walther, Mike Weir, Chuck Wells, Brian Wheeler, Brian Wolka, Bruce Wynn, and Bob Zickler.

Plump also recognized Aisin USA which is celebrating its 25th anniversary in Seymour.