Jackson County Swine In Kentucky State Fair


Jackson County families traveled to Louisville, Kentucky to participate in the 2008 Kentucky State Fair. These Jackson County youth showed pigs in the open class swine show. Outside states are allowed to show in the open class show.

These youth competed against breeders from other states as well as Kentucky. Jackson County was very well represented making up a good portion of the entire show. Together, breeds shown include: Hampshire, Duroc, Yorkshire, and Crossbred.

Front row: Derrick Maxie, Olivia Huff, Kayla Schneider, Amiee, Stout, and Samantha Huls.

2nd Row: Brooke Prather, Denise Maxie, Kimmi Miller, Mariah Huff, Veronica Schneider, Amber Miller, Kari Speiker, Dustin Allman.

Back row: Judge Chuck Olsen of South Dakota, Dillon Maxie, Chad Burcham, Mark Speiker, Jared Stahl, Kendall Lambring, Ty Schwade, Cody Allman, and Bailey Lambring.