Hungry For A Good Book?

Curt-lineby Curt Kovener

At first glance this may look like a list of classic books but, look closer—they are food puns. Some are even the names of dishes chefs have entered into the annual ‘Edible Book Festival’ culinary competition

Our thanks to Uncle John’s Lists That Make You Go Hmmmm for these chuckles

•Anne of Green Bagels

•Call of the Wild Rice

•Olive R Twist (must have been from a bartender)


•Grilled with a Dragon Tattoo

•The Age of Raisin

•The DaVinci Cod

•Lord of the Fries

•Lord of the Onion Rings

•The Communist Can-of-Pesto

•Bridge over the River Chai

•Cauliflowers for Algernon

•The Rise and Fall of the Ramen Empire

•The Invisible Manwich

•Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Pie

•Alice in Wonderbread

•For Hummus the Bell Pepper Tolls

•Kon Twinkie

•Jurassic Tart

•The Bundt for Red October

•Treasure Pieland

•A Sweet Tart Names Desire

• Fifthy Shades of Grape

These should make you hungry…or at least whet your appetite