High Tech Meters Being Installed

0910 online meter installCrothersville Wastewater utility Superintendent Mason Boicourt examines the radio transmitter on an electronic water meter before installing the unit.

Local workers are removing the old meters with newer computerized electronic meters.

The old meters must be manually read by removing the meter lid, having a worker write down the current reading, then town hall workers keyboard the reading into a computer to generate a monthly utility bill.

The new electronic system will allow a utility worker to drive past the meter where the water consumption will be read by a computer and then the results will be downloaded into the town’s computer to generate the monthly utility bill.

“Most importantly, it will eliminate estimating bills because on winter snow cover,” said Boicourt.

Currently about 130 of the town’s 750 water meters have been upgraded. “We hope to be finished before cold weather arrives,” he said.