First, You Get A Turkey…

Crothersville 1st Graders Offer Thanksgiving Dinner Recipes

In a Thanksgiving Tradition for the Crothersville Times, we publish recipes from first graders at Crothersville Elementary on how they would prepare their favorite holiday dish for tomorrow. Their youthful innocence and observations of home life often make interesting reading.
Our thanks to first grade teachers Ashley Spicer and Karra Lucas for their assistance with this annual writing assignment.

Pumpkin Pie
Maddie Brown
Grandma goes to the store and buys the bread and icing. Put some eggs with it and milk. Put icing part in a bowl. Then put bread in the bowl. Then bake it for 10 minutes. Eat it!

Kolton Blevin
Get chicken at the store. Put it in the oven then put it on a plate. Then eat it!

Ashton Crockett
Put it in the oven for 40 minutes. Take it out. Eat it!

Teagan Cutshall
You need sugar, flour and bread. Mix them together and see what they do. Then bake for 10 minutes. If they are not circles bake them for another 10 minutes. Then put nothing on them and eat them. Yum, Yum!

Alyssa Gorbett
Get a pan. Put the Turkey on the pan. Put it on the stove for 5 hours. When it is done take it out. Eat it!

Cheaney Groenenboom
Get some meat. Cook it for I guess 10 minutes. Take it out of the stove then eat it!

Tyler Hilton
Peel the sides off. Then put it in the pot you cook it in and roll it around. Take it out of the pot and put the pot away. Then cut and smash the potatoes with the thing. When they are mushy put butter on them and eat them!

Pumpkin Pie
Kyla Hollan
You get all the pumpkin seeds and then bake it in the oven for 12 minutes. And that’s all.

Nicholas Johnson
You shoot a Turkey and then cook it. Put butter on it if you like it. That’s it.

Braylee Long
Papaw fixes it. Put it in a crock-pot and cook it until morning.

Kaylee McIntosh
You get some meat and put it in the oven for 20 seconds. Take it out and let it cool and eat it!

Sully Mitchell
You cook it for 100 minutes. You get eat it!

Ryker Midkiff
You need pepper, salt, cream, and Turkey. Cook for 22 hours. Get it out when it’s done and eat it!

Kendyl Moore
Buy some ham from JayC. Cook it for 8 seconds. Eat it!

Anabelle Moorman
You need a bag. You have to have an oven and some water. Then pour the stuffing in a bowl. Cook it for 22 minutes. Then take it out and put it on a plate. Grab a fork and spoon and I think that is all.

BBQ Chicken
Ella Niccum
Mommy puts BBQ on the BBQ Chicken first. Then get a spoon and mix it. Then put it in oven 26 seconds. That’s it!

Pumpkin Pie
Keeley Pittman
You get a pumpkin. Cut the pumpkin and take all the stuff out. Cook it for 8 minutes. Then you make a pie out of it.

Elise Prince
Put in the oven for 30 minutes. Take it out and put it on a plate and eat it!

Braxton Riley
Bake it at 2:30 for 2 minutes. Take it out of the oven. Put the stuff on a plate and then put it on the table and we eat it. I really don’t know I play video games while my mom cooks it!

Pumpkin Pie
Katie Roberts
You need a little bit of sugar and 1 slice of pumpkin and add a little smidge of sweetness. You need orange icing of course. That’s it!

Biscuits and gravy
Emma Sawyer
Put biscuits in a pot. Then put gravy in the pot. Then put sausage in it. Stir and then put it in a bowl. Now we eat it!

Kylee Wright
First, roast the turkey in the oven. Cook it for twelve minutes. Next, take it out of the oven. Then carve it.

Matthew Fitch
First turn the oven on medium. Then you cook the turkey for ten minutes. When it is done, you eat it with corn and mashed potatoes.

Kielly Branam
Go to the Jay-C and get a turkey. Thaw it out for two hours. Cook it for ten hours. Then eat it.

Alli Riley
First, put the turkey in the oven. Then you cook it for one minute. Then put olive oil on it and take it out of the oven. Let it sit for two minutes. Then eat it.

Marley Stepp
Kill the turkey and put it in a crock-pot. Cook it for ten or twelve minutes. When it is done take it out and eat it.

Rylee Henry
Bring the turkey home and wash it. Put it in a big pan and cook it for thirty minutes. When it is done take it out and see if it’s hot enough. If it is, eat it.

Brilee McMahan
Get the turkey from Walmart and cook it for ten minutes. Put some seasoning on it and eat it.

Nicholas Midkiff
Throw the turkey in the sink and put hot water on it. Cook it for twenty minutes. Then cut it up and eat it.

Joshua Hilderbrand
Get the turkey from Jay-C then put it in water. Then put butter on it then put it in the oven for an hour. Let it in for an hour then cut it up.

Abel Chacon
You cook it in an oven or frying pan. But you need to hunt it first. We need a weapon to hunt it down. You need to gut it.

Addyson Ord
You cook it in a pot and then he has this little shot thing and then shoots it into the turkey. Then you put it in the oven to cook and take it out to cool.

Sofia Montgomery
I think they first take a zip lock bag and put the turkey in there. Make sure that the turkey don’t drain, you put that thing in there.

Elizabeth Hunt
I don’t know how because I’m playing. My mom does it. I’m waiting for them to get it done.

Cherish Olasebcia-Wunder
I don’t know how. I never made it before. Get a turkey and cook it in the oven. Then you put a little bit of salt on it.

Jaela Cox
Well, you have to find a turkey. You have to burn it. Well that’s it. You have to get the turkey’s head off. You have to sneak and then shoot it.

Jonathon McReynolds
Put it in the oven till the turkey is brown.

Allyson Coomer
I think my pappy goes into the wild and kills a turkey for Thanksgiving but if he misses you can go to the store and buy it. The boys only kill the turkey.

Carter Jones
Put it in the microwave. Cook it for one minute. I don’t think so.

Uriah Barrientos
Put it on the stove and when you are done you cut it up.

Rayleigh Lewis
You’ll need some chicken, 1 glass of milk, some Meat, Sugar. Bake it for 10 minutes. Let it cool for 9 minutes maybe. Eat it.

Isaac Lance
Buy a turkey. Wash it off. Put butter in it. Set the oven for an hour and cook it. Put it in a class pan.

Ava Hodge
Get a pot and pour hot water and set for 14 minutes or so. After that we let it cool down. My mom and dad they put salt or sugar. That’s all I know.

Drake Hamilton
I think you have to put powder in and a little bit of salt.

Kya Leep
You need to get a pan and put it in there. Then start the oven. When it’s done you need to cut it off and get it out. Then you can eat it.