First You Get A Turkey…

Crothersville 1st Graders Share Their Thanksgiving Recipes

In what has become a holiday tradition at the Crothersville Times, first graders at Crothersville elementary provide their recipes for their favorite Thanksgiving dish.

We thank teachers Amy Crawford, Holly Sweany, and Doris Wineinger for their assistance in this annual writing assignment.

Turkey Courtney

You cook a turkey on the stove at 30°. You put salt on it. You can break it in half.

Turkey Isabell

I am thankful for turkey. You put butter, sauce, mashed potatoes and gravy on it and then you bake it.

Pizza Ceirra Baker

Put it in a pan. Put it in the stove. Use a real hot oven for 60 seconds.

Turkey Emily

You cook the turkey on the stove.

Turkey Olivia

You cook turkey on the grill at 30°.

Turkey Aaron H.

You kill the turkey. You clean it. You cut it up and put it in the oven at 99°.

Chicken Harley Cornett

You cook the chicken like this: stir it up, put it in the stove, then you take it out and put it on here in the microwave and then you put it on the stove and that is how you make chicken.

Turkey Faith marling

Put it in the oven. Take it out and it will be pretty warm. Cut a big hole. Then get the stuffing out. When the stuffing is in the big hole and all filled up it is done.

Turkey Madison

You put the turkey in a pan, check on t, put it back in the oven at 26°, get it out and eat it.

Turkey Aiden Brown

Mom washes it and then she cooks it. She puts it in a pan in the oven. She puts it in a 60 degree oven for a really long time.

Chicken Nikaila Burnett

She puts it in the oven and puts it in there for 10 minutes, When it is done we will see long it needs to be. If that is not enough, she will put it back in for a few more minutes.

Pears & Peaches Makayla Helt

It is in a can and Mom pours them in a bowl. That’s all.

Hot Dogs Eli Kreutz

She puts them on the outside thing. She cooks them for a coupe of hours.

Turkey Dustin

I am thankful for the turkey. Mom puts it in a pot on 30°. It cooks and we eat it.

Turkey Aaron W.

I cook the turkey on the stove or in the microwave for 10-15 minutes in a pot. Mom likes to cut it up and eat it.

Turkey Hanna

The turkey is red. It can walk and gobble. You cut the turkey and put feet on it. You cook the turkey very hot.

Turkey Trent

You put the stove on 1°, eat it, and put the rest away for the next holiday.

Turkey Ashli

You make mashed potatoes by cutting potatoes, mix them, cook them. My Mamaw makes them.

Turkey Howie

I am thankful for turkey.

Turkey Derikka

I buy the turkey at the store. I would cook it at 10°. Put it in the fridge for a few minutes. My whole family and I share it.

Turkey Jo Jo

I would cook the turkey by roasting it/

Turkey Chase

I would make it really big and really large and with macaroni.

Upside Down Pizza Dakota Meredith

Put it in the oven and cook it for 12 hours.

Chicken Kit Robins

Put it in a pot in the oven and after 15 hours it is done.

Fish Cable Spall

Mom puts it in the oven. Use a 50 degree oven. She cooks it about 4 or 5 hours.

Turkey Taylor Tatlock

Mom cooks it in the oven. Put sauce like meat sauce on it. The kind you put on grills. She cooks it for 55 hours.

Turkey Jazmyn Stoner

She puts salt all over it and puts it in the oven. She cooks it 25 minutes.

Turkey Josh Thomas

She puts it in the oven and cooks it 25 hours.

Green Beans Baylee Comer

Get them out of the field. Put them in a bucket. open them up. Put them in a pan and cook them. Cook them for hours.

Turkey Christian Hohnstreiter

Put it in the oven. Cook it for 35 minutes at 10 degrees.

Carrots Koulton Robinson

Put them in a pan. Cook on top of the stove for 5 hours.

Vegetables Derrick Deaton

Put them in pan on the stove for 10 minutes.

Turkey Antonia Turner

Season it with spices, roast it and then you eat it.

Turkey Brayden Growe

Put it on a tray in the oven, wait for 2 hours then get it out and eat it.

Apple Pie Cami Keasler

You need apples, a pie holder and a pie crust. Mix it up and put it in the oven for an hour.

Ham Carson Farmer

You take a BIG piece of ham, put it in the oven and let it cook for 1 hour.

Turkey Deric Hoevener

Put BBQ sauce on it then eat it.

Turkey Ethan Lanning

My Mom & Dad make it!

Turkey Haley Vires

Put it in the stove, put stuffing on it. And you have to share it with everyone.

Turkey Jr. Mendoza

You take it out of the white stuff, put it in the oven for 5 minutes, then you eat it with pie.

Pizza Christopher Mendoza

Put pepper and cheese on the pizza then eat it.

Chicken Marshall Eversole

Mom fixes it.

Apple Pie Wyatt Madden

Put apples in the oven and bake them for 5 minutes. That’s all I know.

Pumpkin Pie William Beesley

You just cook it!

Mashed Potatoes Zach Ortman

You get a potato, slice off the skin. You crunch it with something, then you heat it up for 2 hours. Take it out of the oven, cool it off and then eat it.

Turkey Rebekah Cook

Open it up and take it out of the bag. Put it in the sink to thaw it then you cut it up to est.

Turkey Riley Murphy

Put it in the oven and bake it!

Grandma’s Turkey Sydney Steward

I usually watch TV and play video games while grandma fixes it!

Turkey Tori Henry

Put Catsup on it and cook it for 3 hours.

Turkey Timothy Hodge

Bake it in the oven.