First You Get A Turkey…

Crothersville 1st Graders Share Thanksgiving Recipes

In a Thanksgiving tradition for Crothersville Times readers, first graders at Crothersville elementary provide their recipes for their favorite dishes for tomorrow’s Thanksgiving feast.
Without fail, youngsters give us an interesting view into family lifestyles and their youthful observations.
Our thanks to first grader teachers Ashley Spicer, Meagan Bohall and Kyle Wilp for their assistance with the annual writing assignment.

Cupcakes Katie Bell
You need flour, vanilla, and chocolate icing. Put it in the oven for 20 minutes. Then eat them.

Turkey Darrin Maxie
Send dad to Wal-Mart to to get it. Then fry it for a few hours. Then sit down at the table and eat.

Turkey Ethan Edison
Put it in the crock pot and add seasoning. Then squirt juice and water on it. Leave it in the pot for 15 hours. Then cut it and eat it.

Chicken Eli Muncy
Buy a chicken and crock pot. Put water in the pot and add the chicken. Put crock pot in the stove for 5 hours at 5 degrees. Then eat it.

Turkey Brahlie Brooks
Cut the meat then put it in the microwave for 20 minutes. Then eat it.

Mash Potatoes William Ragan
Peel potatoes and chop them up. Then put them in a blender and cook them for 30 minutes. Let them cool down then eat them.

Pizza Cole Reed
You need dough. Roll the dough. Spread sauce on the dough. Sprinkle cheese on it. Then put pepperoni. Put it in the oven for 19 minutes. Take it out and eat it.

Pudding Aaron Cornett
You need 1 pan and 10 bananas. Put it in the freezer. Then take it out and give everyone some.

Salad Kasey Guy
Chop up lettuce and then put tomatoes in it. Then put on ranch dressing and add bacon. Then eat it.

Turkey Patience Collman
Shoot a turkey and put it in the oven. Then eat it!

Mashed Potatoes Morgan Womack
Well first get potatoes. Cut them into small pieces and put them into a pot. Put them on the stove for a half hour or two. Take them off the stove and beat them. Then add butter and milk. Then eat.

Turkey Zoey Huckleberry
Buy a turkey then cook it. Now it’s done.

Blackberry Pancakes James Griffith
You put the mix in the pan. Cook and add blackberries.

Corn on the Cob Wyatt Huckleberry
Clean corn, bake it, get out when done, put holder in it, put on plate, then eat it.

Pumpkin Pie Riven Smallwood
Get a pumpkin and get stuff out. Then cook. Get crust off pumpkin and then eat it.

Potato Salad Jazmin Collier
Put potatoes in microwave and add milk and salt. Put salad in it. Bake it then eat it.

Pumpkin Pie Kilie Reynolds
Mom cooks it in the oven and bakes it. Then she takes it out and puts sugar on it.

Shells and Cheese Isabel Muncy
You add the noodles, cheese, salt, and pepper. You put it in the microwave.

Corn Haliey Robinson
Cook the corn let it sit. When you take it out put salt on it. Put cream in the corn.

Pumpkin Pie Pearl Shirley
Put pumpkin in the crust and cook it.

Pumpkin Pie Meagan Bush
First get the crust ready. Then get the seeds out of the pumpkin. Then add the sugar. Then add the whip cream.

Turkey Caden Lewis
Cut the turkey. Put it in the pan. Cook it for two minutes. Then bake it.

BBQ Beans Olivia Fowler
Cook the beans. Then add the brown sugar then add the BBQ.

Turkey Conner Luedeman
Put the salt in the turkey. Put the sugar in the turkey. Bake for 5 minutes.

Turkey Tucker Adams
Go buy it from Wal-Mart. After I bought it I would cook it for 1 second. Then we go outside and eat it.

Turkey Jamie Caudill
First I catch the turkey. Next I peel off the feathers and then I bake it for 5-10 minutes. Then I eat it.

Turkey Diana Denison
Put salt and pepper and seasoning on the turkey. Then pluck the feathers. Then cook it 2 hours. Then eat it.

Turkey Kendall Graves
Put it in the oven for 1 minute. Then I eat it when it is done.

Meat Balls Evin Hoevener
I wait for my Mom to make the meat balls then I eat them.

Steak Leah Howard
Cut the steak. Put it on the oven for 20 minutes. Take it out and eat it.

Macaroni Jonah Jones
Pout the macaroni in the cooker. Then put cheese on it and stir. Then I eat it.

Turkey Dorothy Johnston
I go buy it at the store and then I bake it for a long time. Then I get to eat it.

Turkey Braden Peacock
Dad goes and catches us a turkey. Dad plucks the feathers off. Mom puts it in the oven for 30 second. Then the family eats it.

Turkey Zac Roberson
First I peel the feathers off. Cook for 100 minutes. Then you can eat it.

Turkey Tristan Vogel
Put the turkey in the deep fryer for 1 minute. Then take it out and cut it up. Then eat it.

Turkey Jada White
First I buy the turkey from the Dollar Store. Second I throw it in the oven for 1 minute. Then I just go to the table and eat.