Festival Baby Contest Winners

Baby Contest winners were announced during the opening night’s activites of the Red, White & Blue Festival last Thursday. In the birth to 3 months category 3rd place went to Isaac Spencer son of Ben & Nicole Spencer and Eisley Pack, daughter of Alicia Deputy; 2nd place went to Kayden Phillips son of Kayla Phillips and Jeff Williams and Laynie Barnes, daughter of Josh & Angie Barns; 1st place went to Blaine Lewis, son of Derrick Lewis & Ashley Briner and Addison Holline, daughter of Jason & Robin Hollin.
In the 4- months category, 3rd place went to Kaylyn Pijarnsan, daughter of Lorri Pijarnsan & Randi Dillman; 2nd place went to Mason Muncy, son of Kyle & Tina Muncy and Paisleigh Thurston, daughter of Tiffany & Chris Thurston; 1st place went to Jaden Woodard, son of Victoria Woodard and Layla Marie Pena, daughter of Tabitha Pena.
In the 7-12 months category, 3rd place went to Wyatt Arbuckle, son of Angela & Don Arbuckle and Kendra McKinney, daughter of Samantha McKinney; 2nd place went to Kolton Blevins son of Karlie and Kyler Blevins and Emma Strong, daughter of Denise Strong; 1st place went to Easton Minton, son of Derrick & Krista Minton and Autumn Mechuta, daughter of Darren & Jennifer Mechuta.
In the 13-24 months category, 3rd place went to Bryson Engle son of Kayla Barrett and Lola Taylor, daughter of Mac & Amy Taylor; 2nd place went to Carter Jones, son of Darin & Amber Jones and Rayleigh Lewis, daughter of Derrick Lewis & Ashleigh Briner; 1st place went to Uriah Barrientos, son of Amy Schleter and Mario Barrientos and Skylee Murphy, daughter of Jeremy & Stephanie Murphy.
In the 25-36 months category, 3rd place went to Eric Justice son of Jeremiah Justice & Cassie Briner and Mahala Ross, daughter of Sage Lacey and Kyle Ross; 2nd place went to Wyatt Minton, son of Krista & Derrick Minton and Madison Freeman, daughter of Robin Freeman; 1st place went to Isiah Markel, son of Drew & Sharon Markel and Raegan Wray, daughter of Brandie & Jarrod Wray.