Farm Safety Week Coloring Contest Winners

In recognition of National Farm Safety Week, the Crothersville FFA sponsored a coloring contest for Kindergarten through 3rd grade and a bumper sticker contest for 4th and 5th grade students. The finished pictures and bumper stickers are displayed in the school.
The FFA would like to remind everyone that it is harvest season and to be careful of farm machinery on the road.
Front: Brayden Morris, Riley Murphy, Christian Hohnstreiter, Fayth Bowman, Zoe Spangler, and Karley Gillis.
2nd Row: Brayden Lewis, Piper Hensley, Ella Plasse, Kennedy Street, Madison Hunnica, and Caleb Neal.
3rd Row: James Acree, Cole Reed, Megan Lewis, Brayden Growe, Antonia Turner, Harper Adams, Brooklyn Praish, Zoey Huckleberry,
4th Row: Jimmy Needler, FFA Sentinel; Kalyanda Hoevener, Maddie Pearce, Alec Bray, Will Amick, and Lane Weinhorst, and Leah Schill , FFA President.