Emergency Director Recommends Weather Radio For Early Warning

“The severe storm and tornadoes that struck Oklahoma February 11 and the severe storms crossing through Jackson County reminds us that tornado season is just around the corner. If a tornado struck, many could be caught unaware. It does not have to be that way if people had a weather warning radio.” said Duane Davis, Director of Jackson County Emergency Management Agency.

Even though many of the communities have or will have sirens in the county, still many people never hear the warning when they are inside or asleep. A weather radio could help remedy this situation. The problem is that many cannot afford the radio. In these hard economic times, with many unemployed, they just don’t have the additional money to spare to buy these radios.

We ask you to consider the following: Apply some of your tax refund money and buy the weather radio. They run about $30 – $40 and it could be the best way to spend your tax refund. This is a way for citizens to be able to purchase these life saving radios.

This is especially true for a high risk households like those with young children or people that live in the rural areas of our county that are not near a siren.

“Although these radios are not the complete answer, they are part of the package of preparedness and every house in Jackson County should have one.” Davis said.