Eight Local Properties To Be Sold For Back Taxes

Eight Crothersville and Vernon Township properties are being offered for sale by the Jackson County Commissioners to pay back property taxes.
According to County Treasurer Kathy Hohenstreiter, all parcels have been offered for sale at least twice during tax sales allowing the county to lay claim to the property to offer them for sale at an auction on April 26. The minimum bid for each parcel is $200.
A complete list of the 22 parcels through Jackson County is found in a Public Notice ad on page 5 of this week’s print edition.
More than a third of the parcels with unpaid property taxes are located in Crothersville and Vernon Township.
Hohenstreiter said this is the first certificate sale the county has ever held in an attempt to recoup back property taxes and liens.
Prior to bidding at a tax sale, each bidder must affirm under the penalties for perjury that he or she does not owe delinquent taxes, special assessments, penalties, interest, costs directly attributable to a prior tax sale, amounts from a final adjudication in favor of a unit fo government in the county, any civil penalties imposed for the violation of a building code or ordinance of this county, or any civil penalties imposed by a health department in this county.
After a purchase, the buyer must exercise due diligence in notifying the owner of record that they are the purchaser and afford the owner the opportunity to redeem the property by paying back taxes, fees, and a 10% interest to the purchaser.
Local parcels scheduled to be auctions include one in Vernon Township: Marshall E Miller, 8000 Block East County Road 1000 S, Crothersville.
There are seven parcels scheduled to be auctioned inside the town limits of Crothersville:
•Barker Building Inc., on US Hwy 31 between 5307 and 5457 S US Hwy 31 (east side of road where the former Silgas LP tank was located), Crothersville.
•Louis B. & Leah D. Rusch, 302 West Walnut Street, Crothersville.
•Samuel James Gossett c/o Toni Bowling, 401 N Armstrong Street, Crothersville.
•James Gossett c/o Toni Bowling, 202 East Walnut Street, Crothersville.
•Nann Hazelwood Life Estate Phillip W Gagen, 300 E Block Bard St., Crothersville.
•John Robert Williams & Eric Williams, 107 South Central Avenue, Crothersville.
•Beneficial Indiana Inc., 201 S Central Avenue, Crothersville.
More details about a certificate sale can be found at www.sri-taxsale.com and clicking on Certificate Sale.