Drought Prompts Water Quality, Conservation Alert

As the Southern Indiana drought of 2010 continues, the Jackson County health Department has received numerous questions about well water quality and requests for water testing.
In general, changes in the color, odor and taste as due to the lower than normal levels of the wells which are struggling to maintain a supply. “This year has been bad for the ater supply here at home but is a continuance of a much larger national and worldwide problem,” said Larry Miller of the Jackson County health Department.
He said it has been reported by the Natural Resource Defense Council that Orlando, Atlanta, Tucson, Las Vegas, San Francisco Phoenix and Houston may suffer water supply problems as soon as 2013. He said Las Vegas draws 90% of its water from Lake Mead which has dropped 120 feet in the past 10 years. “And will drop below the las Vegas intake pipes if it drops another 33 feet,” he said.
“Water conservation is so very important to all of us,” said Miller. “All living things required water and that precious product is slowly going away. It is in our best interest to conserve the resources we sill have whether you are on a well or public water supply.”
As soon as you notice a leaking faucet or a commode that is not totally shutting off, get them repaired as soon as possible.
“A leaking faucet can waste as much as 15 gallons of water in 24 hours,” said Miller. “At this time of year not raking leaves will help the ground retain moisture and require less watering.”
If your well requires testing of there are questions about conservation, contact Miller at the Health Department at 522-6474.