Don’t Let It Be Shame On Us

by Curt Kovener Curt line

Remember back during the elections of 1990’s when we were bombarded with the idea that government welfare needed to be cut and private charities needed to be encouraged to pick up the slack.
As a result newly elected government officials set about the business of keeping campaign promises and slashed public assistance programs, food programs, infant nutrition programs, education assistance programs.
“Welfare to Work” became our credo.
Helping the transition was a chugging U.S. economy along with unemployment at record low numbers.
But that was then and this is now.
Some of the most conservative still blast social safety nets even though the new privatized social help plans they have touted have failed, have been revoked or still languish out of inadequate government funding.
Unlike in the 1990’s, unemployment is at an all time high and the unemployment insurance and what was formerly known as welfare programs still do not serve those they were designed to serve.
And if private funding of humanitarian agencies is still so important, why are food pantry supplies unseasonably low? Why are Salvation Army, Red Cross and similar private charitable agencies hurting for contributions?
One key element isn’t fulfilling its part of the bargain. In order for private charities to function they have to have monetary contributions. That means you and me apparently aren’t doing our part.
We got the government cuts, but are failing in our own responsibilities. Have we been too wrapped up in our own pleasures or worries to help ease the pain of others? Have we been too busy setting our own bountiful table to be mindful of the hunger of others? Have we been too busy purchasing holiday gifts for family and friends that we ignore the need for shelter for strangers? Do we prefer hearing the preachings of love and compassion but prefer failing to act out our faith?
In this season of being thankful for the blessings we enjoy and the observance of the season of the birth of the One who told us “Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy,” let us remember to do our part to ease the burdens of others.
Pick a charity whether it be local, county, regional or international and make your contribution.
If we do not exemplify the compassion of the ‘Reason for the Season’, then it should be shame on hypocritical us.