District 1 School Referendum Question On November Ballot

The Nov. 5 municipal election in Austin will contain a school referendum question for all Jennings Township in addition to selecting candidates for city offices in Austin.
“All Jennings precincts can vote on the public question for Scott County School District 1,” said Scott County Clerk Missy Applegate. “Those precincts inside the city limits—Jennings 1, 2 & 3— will have candidates on the ballot while precinct 4 & 5 (voters outside the city limits) will only vote on the public question.”
Scott County District 1 is planning to construct a new elementary facility and the matter requires a vote for approval or disapproval by registered voters in the school district.
The public question to be found on the ballot is as follows:
“Shall the Scott County School District 1, Scott County, Indiana, issue bonds or enter into a lease to finance the School Construction Project which consists of the construction of a new elementary school building for approximately 650 students and repurposing the former swimming pool located at the high school building into a multipurpose room, which is estimated to cost not more than $20,000,000 and is estimated to increase the property tax rate for debt service by $0.9085 per $100 of assessed valuation?”