Crothersville Stray Cat Program Deemed Successful; Will Continue In 2018

Last year approximately 60 cats were captured, spayed/neutered and returned to the neighborhood where they were found through a program designed to reduce the numbers of stray felines in Crothersville.
The Crothersville town council will continue the program allowing for up to 60 non-neutered cats to be prevented from having litters of kittens.
“The cat fix program has been successful in the Town of Crothersville. But we still have a problem,” said council president Danieta Foster. “This has been something the town has struggled with for years and it will take us additional time to get a real handle on.”
Town employees will be trapping cats as time warrants or as problem areas are reported, she said.
Cats that are trapped in live-traps are taken to the veterinarian for the sterilization procedure, rabies shots and will be ear notched.
Cats will be returned to the area they were taken from within a few days, said Foster.
The notched ear lets residents know that cats roaming their neighborhood have been sterilized and will not be adding to the cat population. The notched ear also let’s town workers know that a trapped cat has already been sterilized and is let go.
Foster acknowledged that there have been some family pets that have been spayed/neutered and had an ear marked by the program.
“Town employees cannot distinguish between feral cats and family pets when they are picking them up, so we ask that pet owners be responsible and make sure your cats are kept in your home or secured area to avoid having them trapped,” said the council president.
It is the responsibility of the pet owner to make sure their cats are secured to prevent trapping, she emphasized.