Crothersville School Enrollment Up 11%

While the official Average Daily membership (ADM the official student count day) isn’t until next month, Crothersville Community School Corp. has an unofficial enrollment of 451, compared to 407 on the first average daily membership count in September 2018.
The elementary school had the biggest jump at Crothersville, going from 218 students at the end of school this past May to 249 this school year. In February 2019, the school’s enrollment was 213.
The junior-senior high school also saw an increase, from 189 in September 2018 to 202 now. It was at 187 in February.
Both Elementary Principal Drew Markel and junior-senior high school Principal Adam Robinson said they are optimistic the numbers will continue to grow as the official count day approaches in September.
At nearby Scott County School District 1 in Austin the early enrollment is down by 10, less than 1% from 1,222 in 2018, according to Superintendent Trevor Jones.
Scott County District 2 school superintendent Marc Slaton said “It is still early in the process but currently our enrollment is trending up from last September’s ADM,” he said. “We do anticipate having increased enrollment for ADM September 2019.”