Crothersville Residents’ Trash Collection Charges Going Up 5.5%

Crothersville residents will see a 50ยข a month increase in weekly trash collection fees after the town learned at last Tuesday’s town council meeting its costs paid to Rumpke of Indiana will increase the first of 2012.
Currently local residents pay $9 monthly for weekly trash pick up. That fee will increase to $9.50 in January, an increase of 5.55%.
The town council’s action came after Rumpke of Indiana announced a 3% increase in collection fees beginning in January. On the positive side, no increase will be sought by the trash collection provider in 2013 and 2014.
“The 3% increase will mean our cost will be $9.19 per household and we currently charge residents $9,” said clerk-treasurer Nalona Bush. “We have to generate more than that to pay for the twice yearly large trash collections.”
While initial discussion centered on $10 a month, the council settled on the $9.50 monthly trash collection fee since there is an expected sewer increase next year. Any resident outside the town limits will see their monthly trash collection go from $14 to $15 monthly.
The council agreed to hire WTH Engineering to overlay town utility maps onto the county’s GIS system. By putting maps onto the firm’s GIS system will enable town utility workers and engineers easier access to where water and sewer lines are located as well as water valves and fire hydrants.
“Over the years we have had problems with locating water lines and shut off valves,” said water superintendent Chris Mains. “Some values have been paved over. This map will help us with locating them and documenting their location for the future.”
“Much of the knowledge of water and sewer system goes with retired workers,” said sewer superintendent Mason Boicourt. “By having water and sewer maps in the GIS system will give us continuity over the years and into the future.”
Local utility workers will be able to edit the system as covered water valves are found and new lines are brought into the system.
Cost of the initial service will be $6,036 with an annual maintenance fee of $786. The council unanimously approved the measure.
The council approved first reading of a No Parking ordinance on Industrial Way in the town’s industrial park. The ordinance targets semi tractor-trailers which have been parking along the town street and damaging landscaping, according to Street Superintendent Errol Isenhower.
Passage of the ordinance is expected at the council’s December meeting.
The council approved a $14 million tax abatement for Aisin Drivetrain to purchase of manufacturing equipment for a new mid-size truck transmission line. The new business will add 40 employees to ADI’s workforce.