Crothersville Residents To Pay More For Trash Collection Next Year

After initially proposing a 50¢ increase to the monthly town trash pick up fee last month, the town council unanimously approved the rate increase at their December meeting.
Beginning in January and seen on consumers’ Feburary bill, trash collection fees will go up from the current $9 per month to $9.50, a 5.5% increase.
In November Rumpke of Indiana announced a 3% rate increase. On the positive side, the company locked in that rate for 2012 through 2014.
At the November meeting clerk-treasurer NaLona Bush said “The 3% increase will mean our cost will be $9.19 per household per month and we are currently changing customers $9. We have to generate more than ($9.19) to pay for the twice yearly large trash pick-ups.”
Town Council president Ardell Mitchell had sought another bid from Best Way, a Jennings County based trash collection firm. However, Best Way declined to bid citing increased charges to place waste at Rumpke’s Medora Landfill.
The Town receives a $4,800 stipend each year from Jackson County Recycling District to help offset the cost of recycling. That money comes from tipping fees at the Rumpke Landfill.
“Best Way could pick up trash for less and place it in their own landfill. But we would lose that $4,800 payment towards recycling charges,” said Mitchell. “It would cost the residents more overall to have Best Way collect the monthly trash.”
The town’s wastewater treatment improvement project has apparently turned into a ‘hurry up and wait’ process. After the town hurried to get competitive re-bids to meet the federal government’s timeline, the USDA (from whom the town is getting a loan for the project) has delayed the loan closing from the first part of December to next Wednesday, Dec. 21.
“Loan closing is going to be the same day as the pre-construction conference,” said Mitchell.
December 21 may be a day full of meetings for the town council. Following the morning pre-construction conference and loan closing, the town council will conduct a special year-end meeting at 1 p.m. On the agenda will be employee salaries.
At 2 p.m. the town Safety Board, which is comprised of the three town council members, will meet at 2 p.m. to hear charges of employee misconduct by Police Chief Vurlin McIntosh. The Pre-Construction, Loan Closing, year end and safety board meetings are open to the public.
Following the safety board meeting the town council will conduct an executive session to deal with personnel. The Indiana Code cited by the town deal with discussing the job performance of employees.
In other business, the town gave unanimous approval to no parking along Industrial Way in the town’s industrial park. The request came from industries along the street which are concerned with damage being done to shoulders by semi tractor trailers parking on the side of the street.
•By a 2-1 vote, the council approved transfer of funds to pay bills before the end of the year. Council President Ardell Mitchell voted against the measure.
•The council gave approval to purchase sewer cleaning blades for the town’s jetter to clear sewers of tree roots. Best Equipment offered to sell the head and blades to the town at a price of $1,130. A second proposal from Flexrod Equipment was for $2,013.
According to town officials, the Bethany Road area south of Main Street has experienced sewer back-ups because of property owner tree roots blocking sewer lines.