Crothersville Police Have New Phone Number, Tip Line

The Crothersville Police Department reminds the public to call the Police Department direct at 793-0049. If no one is there leave a message and we will call you back.
Should the Police be needed immediately call 358-2141 and we will be dispatched by the Sheriffs Department.
“The Crothersville Town Hall can not help you in police matters,” said Chief of Police Vurlin McIntosh.
The Crothersville Police Department has a TIP Line you do not have to give your name. Only the Police Chief receives the information. The Tip Line number is 793-2196.
“How would you feel if a crime was committed against you and you knew someone out there knew about it or had information and refused to get involved?” said McIntosh. “Remember there is no crime that happens that someone has not seen or knows about. Get involved, report what you know to the police.”