Crothersville Police Charge 5 With Drug Offenses After Traffic Stop

Five area residents face a variety of drug related charges after the vehicle in which they were riding was stopped for a traffic violation on Bethany Road in Crothersville.
According to Capt. J.L. McElfresh, on Monday, Sept. 4, around 10:15 p.m., Crothersville Reserve Officer Mike Weiler made a traffic stop on a vehicle for an equipment violation.
Weiler reported, “As I came to the intersection of Kovener and West Main Streets I saw a silver Chevrolet Aveo westbound on Main. I observed the vehicle with a very dim left tail light and no right tail light and no license plate light.”
Weiler said he followed the sub-compact vehicle, noting it had six occupants, to South Bethany Road where the driver failed to stop for the stop sign.
After turning on his emergency lights, Weiler reported the driver pulled into a driveway 105 S. Bethany Rd and fled on foot. The other five occupants of the vehicle were detained during the investigation.
The reserve officer reported during the investigation seeking the identity of the driver, drug paraphernalia, marijuana, and a syringe were located.
Officers were not able to locate the suspected driver, 20 year-old Logan Chase Roger.
The other occupants were arrested and taken to the Jackson County Jail. The following is the names and charges for those arrested:
•Kaylie Amber Jewell Mullins, 19, of Austin for visiting common nuisance
•Damon Wayne Hines, 48, of Scottsburg for possession of controlled substance and visiting common nuisance
•Jeffrey Kevin Powell, 19, of Tampico for visiting common nuisance and possession of marijuana
•Lora Mae Johnson, 43, of Brownstown for visiting common nuisance
•Alexus Gabriell Smith, 20, of Crothersville for visiting common nuisance, possession of paraphernalia, and possession of syringe.
During questioning that evening, Mullins told Officer Matt Browning that Alexus Smith had shoved what she thought was meth down the front of her pants. Browning then questioned Smith about what she shoved down her pants.
According to Weiler, “Alexus stated that she had put a ‘rig’ down her pants. Officer Browning asked what a rig was and she stated it was a syringe.”
Officer Browning asked her to remove the syringe and place it on the ground.
According to Jail commander Charlie Murphy, during the booking process jail officers found a toradol tablet and a suboxone strip in Hines pants pocket resulting him being charged with possession of a controlled substance.
Weiler and Browning were assisted at the scene by:
Crothersville Officer Chris Cooper, Chief of Police Brent Turner, and Reserve Officer Travis McElfresh.