Crothersville Opens Bids To Pave 12 Streets This Year

The Crothersville Town Council was smiling last week when several bids for the next phase of paving in the community came in under the engineer’s estimate.
Dave O’Mara Contractors of North Vernon was the apparent low bidder for milling and paving up to 12 streets later this year in Crothersville as a part of the state Community Crossing grant when bids were opened at last week’s Crothersville Town Council meeting.
O’Mara’s bid was $227,503.60.
The North Vernon firm has previously done work in Crothersville installing larger culverts in 2017 on Bethany Road, Park Avenue and Kovener Street to improve surface water drainage.
All-Star Paving of Seymour was next in line with a bid of $256,292.30. All-Star was the winning bidder for the first Community Crossing grant paving in 2018.
Other bidders included Wingham Paving of Charlestown, $276,565.36; Mac Construction of New Albany, $324,874; and E&B Paving of Clarksville, $326,000.
The three lowest bids were under the engineer’s estimate of $296,302.40, according to Dan Wright of FPBH of North Vernon, the town’s engineering firm. Wright recommended that the council take the bids under advisement to give his firm and town attorney Jeff Lorenzo time to review them to make sure all bid documents were in order.
A special meeting was scheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 19, to award the bid.
The town of Crothersville was awarded $217,480 in November as a part of the state’s ‘Next Level Roads: Community Crossings Initiative.’
Among the streets to be preliminarily considered for milling, repair and resurfacing include:
•Industrial Way from US 31 west to the new extension.
•Howard Street from Bethany Road to Park Ave.
•Main Street Circle
•Pennsylvania Ave. from Walnut Street north to the corporate limits.
•Howard Street from Dismore to Preston.
•Moore Street from US 31 to Preston St.
•Moore Street from Preston east to the corporate limits.
•Main Street from the Railroad to US 31.
•Walnut Street from Kovener St. to Seymour Road.
•Preston Street from Moore to Coleman.
•Coleman from Preston St. to Seymour road.
•Seymour Road from Howard St. to Walnut St.