Crothersville 4th Graders Making Home Made Music

by Tracy Karnes
The Crothersville Elementary 4th Grade Music Department has been busy ‘Falling’ for Music.
They have worked hard at designing and making instruments from home and bringing in to share their experience.
‘Grandma’ Carolyn Weddle is overjoyed with how well the kids excelled in this opportunity of learning about various instruments.
“We do our best to encourage and challenge everyone’s creative hearts. We have had numerous students that chose to share their skills in the percussion family, and I am so immensely proud of them,” said Weddle, a volunteer at the school. “This year has been rough with all the restrictions and it’s refreshing to be able to help students create something on their own.”
Grandma Weddle is in her 5th year of the Music Program. “This sure isn’t what we are used to with all the restrictions, but I am thankful to be a part of our Crothersville Family. We always try to protect and expand ways to help our students learn,” said Weddle. “We had judges from the high school come and judge for their neatness, originality and creativity. Those receiving the most points were awarded a trophy.”
Congratulations to all the students and the winners of this challenge were: Emma Strong, Kaleb Fessel, Emma Kelly and Owen Prince.