CPD Arrests Local Woman On Drug, Obstruction Charges

Tried To Swallow Meth & Heroin

A Crothersville woman was booked into Jackson County Jail Friday, Sept. 6, on a variety of drug charges after she attempted to swallow a quantity of methamphetamine and heroin in front of a police officer.
Kayla Suzann Barger, 23, of East Walnut Street faces charges of possession of methamphetamine, possession of heroin, resisting law enforcement and obstruction of justice
Crothersville Chief of Police Matthew Browning said that earlier he observed a dark colored SUV parked in a parking lot on Meyers Street on the town’s west side and that a female was sitting in the drivers seat.
“The area this vehicle was parked in has had several burglary and thefts and the owner of the property requested that the police department do patrols in the area and to check on people that were on the property,” said Browning.
Chief Browning explained to the driver that the property owner did not want anyone hanging around in the parking lot. The driver said that she was not aware and that she would “leave as soon as Kayla came out of a nearby residence.”
After Browning got back into his vehicle he said he saw Barger come out of the residence and start to walk toward the SUV. Browning reported he got out of his police vehicle to speak with Barger. Browning said that when Barger saw him, she began walking faster to the SUV, got in the passenger side and slammed the door shut.
Browning said she refused to roll down the window and he saw her put a large white plastic covered object into her mouth.
Browning said he opened the door and asked Barger to step out of the vehicle but she kept trying to close the door. The Chief said he grabbed her right arm and ordered her out of the vehicle, but she would not comply. He physically removed her from the vehicle all the while the woman kept trying to pull away, Browning said.
“She would try to talk but she could not due to what she had put in her mouth,” Browning said.
He instructed at her to spit out whatever she was trying to swallow, and she would not, he reported. “The driver of the vehicle was yelling at her as well telling her to spit it out,” said the officer.
Browning said he was able to get control of Barger and place her in handcuffs. He then leaned her over and kept telling her to spit out whatever was in her mouth which she eventually did.
“She tried to swallow 7 grams of meth and small baggie of heroin,” Browning reported.
The officer asked her if she needed medical attention and she screamed, “That was all I had,” Browning said.
The driver of the SUV was not charged in the incident.
Barger was booked-in to Jackson County Jail at 6:11 p.m.. She remains in custody on a $20,005 bond.