County Switches To Eco-Friendly Mosquito Control

The Jackson County Health Department announced last week, their switch to Clarke AquaAnvil for their community wide efforts to control disease carrying and nuisance mosquitoes. AquaAnvil replaces the previous mosquito control mosquito spray which was oil based, with a new water based technology.
“This is a unique mosquito control chemical,” said Christopher Novak, Control Consultant for Clarke. “AquaAnvil replaces most of the oil in the mixture with water. The chemical droplet is protected by a water based carrier through a process called ‘colloidal suspension’. This allows the spray to be more potent and effective, and the elimination of the oil based carrier helps protect the environment.”
Novak says the product also reduces container waste and provides economic advantages when compared to previous conventional methods.
Paul Ramsey, County Environmental Health Director, adds that there is also less odor and less of a ‘fog’ so the new product is not only more environmentally friendly but also more people friendly.
The Jackson County Health Department will begin using AquaAnvil for itís mosquito control efforts immediately to help control nuisance and disease carrying mosquitoes. The spraying of AquaAnvil or ‘fogging’, as most people call it takes place starting at dusk usually on Tues, Weds, or Thurs. If you see the flashing yellow lights and hear the loud buzzing sound, you know mosquito control is in your area. Mosquito activity and weather conditions are monitored daily so that spraying will be the most effective.