County Begins New Emergency Notification Service

The Jackson County Emergency Management is launching a new Community Information Service designed to deliver important and timely information to residents in our area using the latest technology, Duane Davis director of Jackson County Emergency Management siad this week.
This service, created by Nixle, LLC delivers important neighborhood-level public safety and community event notifications by web, e-mail, and cell phone.
Nixle is simple and available at no cost to Jackson County residents that alerts you to public safety threats and community events via web, e-mail, and cell phone. Sign up at to register.
Nixle is a new community information service provider built exclusively to provide secure and reliable communications connecting municipal agencies & community organizations to residents in real time, delivering information to geographically targeted consumers over their cell phones (via text messages), through e-mails and through Web access. Nixle is offered at no cost to all governments, their agencies and organizations, non-governmental organizations and consumers.
“Nixle will provide an opportunity for citizens of Jackson County to stay informed of events that take place in their community,” said Duane Davis director of Jackson County Emergency Management. “This system can provide more information than emergency weather information. Technology today allows you to stay informed of events in your area while you are on the go”.
For now, county residents will be able to receive police-related information and municipal government information via Nixle. Channels providing other kinds of information are expected to be introduced in the future.
“This system will allow government agencies to notify you when you are outside of your residence or away from your email,” Davis said, “but we still highly recommend weather alert radios for severe weather. These devices will alert you when you are in your home day or night”.