Council To “Let The Voters Decide”

The matter of expanding the number of local residents serving on the Crothersville Town Council will be decided by the voters in November was the decision of the 3-member council when the met last Tuesday.

At the April meeting the council was confronted with the question of increasing the number of council seats from 3 to 5.

Reportedly, the thinking behind the increase is that some residents would like to eliminate 2-1 votes where one person is responsible for making decisions for the town.

The council needs to pass a resolution by Aug. 1 of this year to get the council expansion question on the ballot.

“I say we put it on the ballot and see with the voters say,” said councilman Lenvil ‘Butch’ Robinson.

And council members Ardell Mitchell and Derrick Minton agreed so by a 3-0 vote, the voters of Crothersville will decide in November when they want five council members representing them.

Nothing firm was discussed about alternating terms so that the town would have municipal elections every two years rather than four.

Town Attorney Jeff Lorenzo was directed to draw up the resolution for consideration before the Aug. 1 deadline.