Council Shoots Down Gun Range

Town workers Roger Jewell (left) and Chris Mains dismantle targets at a gun range built surreptitiously on town property last month. The town council ordered the gun range, discovered at the old town dump, dismantled.


A gun range built on town property north of Crothersville had a brief life. Constructed unbeknownst to the Crothersville Town Council believed to be sometime in mid-December, the shooting range was ordered demolished when the council met Jan. 2.
The gun range was constructed on the old town dumpsite a 1.2 acre parcel on County Road 400 S. The town has not used the site since the mid-1960’s other than to store loads of dirt excavated during town storm water, water and sewer repair projects.
A now dismissed town employee apparently constructed the gun range without the council’s knowledge.
The council voted unanimously to dismantle the shooting range at their first meeting of the new year.
Councilman Lenvel ‘Butch’ Robinson was the most vocal in his opposition to the gun range.
“This is the stupidest thing that could happen,” he said noting that his opposition had nothing to do with gun ownership or gun rights but for safety and financial responsibility of the town.
“The dirt backstop was only six inches above the targets and beyond the dirt pile was US 31,” he said. “I don’t know how anyone could have thought that was a smart thing to build.”
“No body checked with us. Nobody asked permission. And the town’s insurance would have gone through the roof,” said councilman Bob Lytle.
Town workers were on the scene Wednesday morning removing the 1/2” steel plate targets and leveling the mound of dirt.
While some spent brass shell casings were found during the demolition, Crothersville Chief of Police Brent Turner said his department was made aware of the gun range only after it was completed.
“No officer with our department used the gun range,” Turner said.