Congratulations Graduates…But…

by Curt Kovener

A pat on the back, handshake and well wishes go to the Class of 2013 at CHS and other surrounding high schools.

They think they just accomplished completing high school. What they don’t yet realize is they just completed the easiest ride of their lives. Now the going gets more difficult.

A high school diploma is a sign of accomplishment and will open some doors. But you must go through those doors of opportunity to take advantage of them. Sometimes you have to break down some doors-doors that are resistant to change. And when you go through a few of those doors you will find the effort required is greater, the work more intense, and the stakes continually higher.

Go on to continue your education because wisdom is power. You are the most technological affluent generation yet…until the next group comes along…so continue to learn about all of the hardware and software coming to market. Some will be good; some you will need to reject.

Limit your time on social media. While everyone is focusing on you and your high school graduation accomplishment, that’s only for right now. Next week, next month, next year, it isn’t all about you.

Learn to enjoy some of the simple things available in life because it helps to keep you on an even keel. Things like sitting quietly in the morning or evening and listening to some birds sing, walking through nature and be inspired by the artwork you see. Keep in touch with family and friends but venture out to meet new people of diverse walks of life. You will be better educated and better prepared for your future challenges by doing so.

Learn daily throughout life, work diligently throughout life and be satisfied throughout life. Contentment in life should be your goal.

And 10-15 years from now, let me know that you agree, high school was the easiest ride of your life.