Community Can Vote For New Welcome Sign Design

New ‘Welcome to Crothersville’ signs are being planned for the north and south entrances to the community and residents can vote with their billfold on which design they want to see.
Chad Wilson is heading up the project and has come up with two designs featuring aspects of Crothersville life and history.
Both feature a Tiger in homage to the school mascot, a flag noting the home of the Red, White & Blue Festival, a steam locomotive because Crothersville began in 1858 as a train town and had a depot until the late 1950’s.
Differences include a farm scene—a reference to Crothersville originally being called Haysville because the town’s founder John Hamacher thought the land most suitable for growing hay.
The second design includes a drawing of Hamacher Hall, the community’s cultural arts center. The former Presbyterian Church pays homage to the town’s founder and the influence churches had in Crothersville’s life.
Wilson said that voting buckets with each design will be placed at town hall and The Peoples Bank. “Residents can vote by placing coins and dollars in the bucket of the design of their choice. Whichever designs receives the most money, will be determined to be the residents’ choice,” said Wilson.
He said voting will continue through the end of October.
While Wilson is a Crothersville town councilman, he said no town tax money will be used for the signs. “We have lined up financial sponsors to cover costs that residents’ voting does not,” he said.
“And unlike the coming town election, people can vote as often and as much as they want,” Wilson encouraged.