Clerk-Treasurer Resigns; Terry Richey Appointed

There were changes in personnel at Crothersville Town Hall early last week.

Republican Clerk-Treasurer Michele Teipen resigned her elected post on Monday citing her move outside of the town limits. The GOP county chairwoman Melissa Zabel Acton appointed Terry Richey, the Crothersville Community Schools treasurer, to fill the unexpired term of clerk-treasurer.

Richey then appointed the former clerk-treasurer as her deputy replacing long-time deputy clerk Alisa Sweazy.

Richey said that she will continue to work in the school administration office and work in a part-time capacity as town clerk-treasurer.

Richey said that she hopes to name Teipen as the office manager; a recommendation that requires the approval of the town council, she said. An executive session was scheduled for 4 p.m. on Friday to discuss employee positions. Executive sessions are closed to the public and the media.

Historically, the town clerk-treasurer has also served as the town hall office manager.

“I know this (work relationship) is different than what has occurred in the town hall in the past but I will do my very best to make it work for the residents of Crothers-ville,” said Richey.

The new clerk-treasurer said she was “strongly considering” running for the elective office in 2015.