City of Scottsburg Seeking 30% Water Rate Increase

The Scottsburg City Council will be holding a public hearing next Monday, April 15, to consider a 30% water rate increase on all customers of the utility.
Water rates in the city have remained stable for a decade. “The last water rate increase was in 2009,” said Scottsburg Utility Office Manager Leslie Bixler.
She said this increase proposal is a result of increased costs for chemicals used in treatment, electric power needed for pumping and distributing water to customers and cost of materials for repairs and upgrades to the water system.
“Considering the length of time from the last rate increase, the city is seeking about 3% a year increase,” said Bixler.
The rate increase, if approved, would result in about a $6.95 per month increase for most utility customers using the 2,500 gallons of water each month.
“More than half of our customers use 2,500 gallons of water or less each month,” said Bixler. Business, commercial and industrial water users will see the same 30% rate increase.
The City of Scottsburg bills customers for water, sewer, electric, sanitation (trash collection), and internet broadband on a single monthly bill.
“Customers should not think that their entire bill will be going up 30%,” said Bixler. “The rate increase request is only for the water consumption portion of the monthly bill.”
The rates per 1,000 gallons being requested for the majority of users are $12.16 for the first 1,500 gallons; $10.43 for the next 18,500 gallons; $7.76 for the next 20,000 gallons.
If adopted at the April 15 council meeting, the new rates would be reflected in water customers’ June billing, said Bixler.
The Scottsburg City Council will be meeting at 6:30 p.m. on Monday, April 15, at City Hall Council Room to consider the increase. A copy of the proposed water rate ordinance is available for public inspection at city hall and is available online at

Proposed Scottsburg Water Rates