Children’s Activities For Sesquicentennial

A number of children’s activities has been scheduled for the Crothersville Sesquicentennial. Old fashioned activities are geared for youngsters, pre-school to grade 5.

“Since the children will be out of school Thursday and Friday afternoons of the festival, we felt we should provide them with some special old-fashioned recreation,” said kids games organizers Connie Napier and Caroline Butler. “All children love a birthday party!” said Napier.

The Free children’s activities will be held under a special tent located east of the shelterhouse at the Bard Street Park in Crothersville.

Children are asked to bring at least one parent who will remain in the vacinity of the Bard Street Park until activities conclude.

“Parents might like to bring their cameras to take pictures that will be truly famous 50 years from now.” said Caroline Butler.

Lots of prizes will be handed out to the children over the 3-day period. “Everyone will go home with something!”

Thursday, Sept 11, 2008:

2 p.m.: Relay Games: a variety of old and unusual fun games

2:45 p.m.: Group Games: Cornhole, Checkers, Jacks, etc.

3:30 p.m. Three-legged Race

4:15 p.m. Roll-the-hoop Contest and Wheelbarrow Race

5 p.m.: The children’s activities for the afternoon will conclude with a Crothersville Brithday cake for 150 people. Everyone is invited to join as long as the cake lasts!

Friday, Sept 12, 2008:

2 p.m.: Relay Games

3 p.m.: Group Games

4 p.m.: Bob for Apples, Make Butter

5 p.m.: Marbles: Children will be provided with their own bag of marbles and given instruction by Roger Nehrt. Nehrt grew up in Crothersville and was quite famous for his marble-playing proficiency as a youngster. Children are advised to wear old clothes for this activity and remember to bring marbles back Saturday for the Marbles Tournament!

6 p.m.: Freckles Contest: Brothers Glen and Gerald Reynolds, Crothersville, will be the official contest judges. Glen and Gerald were the 1st and 2nd place winners of the 1958 Centennial Freckles Contest. 1st & 2nd place awards will be announced at 6:45 p.m. at the main entertainment stage located nearby in the park.

Saturday, Sept 13, 2008:

10 a.m.: Outdoor Nature Talk

11 a.m.: Crafts: corn husk dolls, soap carving

Noon: Make a doll blanket

12:30 p.m.: Jump rope/Tug-of-war

1 p.m.: Crafts: Buzz saw, Jacob’s Ladder

2 p.m.: Marbles Tournament!