Chandler Nehrt Is CHS DAR Good Citizen

Fort Vallonia Chapter, National Society of Daughters of the American Revolution, has announced the names of five county candidates selected by each of the five county high schools for the DAR Good Citizen of the year.

The candidate from Crothers-ville High School is Chandler Nehrt, daughter of Andrew and Cheryl Nehrt, of Crothersville

Representing Brownstown Central High School is Jamah Leann Wilkerson. daughter of Pamela and Dennis Wilkerson of Freetown.

Medora High School’s representative is Michael Powell, son of Bryan and Maria Powell of Medora.

Shelby Lee Fallis, from Seymour High School, is the daughter of Shane and Suzi Fallis of Seymour.

Trinity Lutheran High School completes the list with Jacquelyn Elizabeth Hackman, daughter of Thomas L. and Ruth A. Hackman, of Vallonia.

All the nominees are seniors.

These students are selected by their respective schools on the basis of their outstanding qualities of dependability, truthfulness, punctuality, service, cooperation, helpfulness, responsibility, leadership, personality, self-control, initiative, and showing their patriotism through unselfish loyalty to American ideals.

They were each required to submit a resume including their grades, honors, extra curricular activities, and service to their schools and communities.

Each school’s representative wrote an essay: “Our American Heritage and Our Responsibility for Preserving It: Describe the Freedoms and Responsibilities of a Good Citizen.”

Jackson County’s winner will be announced at the Fort Vallonia Chapter Good Citizen of the Year dinner on March 8.