Cancer Remains Leading Killer In County

Cancer was the leading cause of death in Jackson County in 2011, according to the Jackson County Health Department. Eighty-Nine-nearly 22%-of the 405 deaths in the county were cancer related. Cancer was the leading cause of death claiming 83 Jackson Countians in 2010.
The second leading cause of death was respiratory failure (47) and third was heart disease (45).
Thirty-six succumbed to Alzheimer’s Disease, 26 died from pneumonia and 20 died from cerebral hemorrhage.
The 405 deaths-209 female and 196 male- in Jackson County is an increase from the 392 here in 2010.
There were 676 births in the county in 2011 including 10 sets of twins; 351 boys and 325 girls. The highest number of births since 1981 occurred in 2010 when 728 babies were born in the county.