Can You Imagine…

by Curt Kovener    

Can you imagine what it would be like to hear a loud BOOM! in the sky and looking up seeing bright streams of fire rain down on you? How would you explain that?

Such as it was late last week in Russia where a meteor the size of a semi tractor-trailer entered the atmosphere unexpectedly, unannounced, unpredicted then exploded raining fiery bits of space rock down on the town.

In today’s society, first thoughts probably went to terrorist attack. But twitter tweets and cellphones allowed the victims to learn it was a too close call with a meteor.

So far a 1,200 people are reported injured, primarily by glass that was shattered in the cosmic explosion.

And the rest of the world knew about the event pretty much instantaneously.

But if you didn’t know from the science explanations of newscasts, how would you explain what happened?

Go back 65 years to the dropping of the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima. If you are among the survivors in Japan, how do you explain what occurred when it never occurred before?

And if last week’s meteor explosion had occurred over the unsettled, unpioneered country yet to be called United States, if you were Native Americans experiencing a deafening boom and then fire from the sky, how do you come to grips with what just happened? How do you explain the injuries and damage? When your world consists of plains or forests and the moon and stars are viewed at night, how do you explain that perhaps a piece of one of the stars rained down with the heat of ten suns?

Or go back a few thousand years when the same thing occurs and destroys a city. How do you explain such an event? An earlier people may possibly write that God was smiting a city by causing fire and brimstone to rain down from heaven.

Can you imagine…