Bouncing Off The Walls On A Sugar High

by Curt Kovener

So your youngsters are starting to come down from that sugar rush from Monday’s evening’s candy cache. But what to do with all of that candy (other than the obvious)? And maybe you overbought and not so many trick or treaters rang you bell.
Courtesy of our friends at, here are some uses for that extra Halloween candy.
• You can freeze candy up to a year in the freezer.
•Don’t forget to buy discounted Halloween candy for Christmas stockings and parties. Most kids don’t care if their Christmas candy is orange and black or if it has silver and gold wrappers instead of red and green.
•Use leftover Halloween candy in Christmas baking and for making gingerbread houses.
•Use grated or chopped chocolate in place of chocolate chips in cookies.
•It is easier to cut candy into pieces if you freeze it first.
_•Sprinkle chopped chocolates on a white or chocolate frosted cake or use them to top ice cream and cheesecake.
•Mix leftover chopped chocolates into cake mixes.
•When making cupcakes, decorate the tops with one Hershey’s kiss or a mini candy bar.
•Christmas bag full of an assortment of candies would be a gift that would delight anyone – kids, adults, co-workers or neighbors.
•Stockpile bags of candy to use for school parties, birthday parties and so on.
For Christmas try Stained Glass Cookies: Cut a hole in the center of rolled out sugar cookie dough. Place a hard colored candy into the center. Bake as usual. The candies will melt and create a stained glass look.
Stretching out the Halloween candy helps insure a sugar buzz throughout the holidays.