‘Awesome’ Patriotic Festival

“Awesome” that’s how Crothersville Lions Club’s Red, White & Blue Fesival disrector Sherry Bridges described the past weekend annual salute to the flag.

For the 34th patriotic celebration, “The weather was nearly perfect. We had record crowds and vendor booths were doubled over years past,” she said.

She said the a greater number of volunteers providing a wider variety of events helped swell the interest and the attendance.

“The Corn Hole Tournament sponsored by the Tri-County Conservation Club pulled people in from Northern Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee,” said Bridges.

Results for the Red, White,and Blue – Class 2010 – 5K run

Youth Male & Female-Run age 10-15 years:

1. Eric Prewitt, 2. Zane Elliott, 3. Caleb Minton.

Adult Male-Run age 19-39 years:

1. Ryan Hercamp, 2. Tim Courtney, 3. Josh Teipen

Youth Male & Female-Run age 16-18 years:

1. David Schulz, 2. Lee Riley, 3. David Yuzell.

Adult Male-Run age 40+ years:

1. Leslie Fix, 2. Steve Plasse, 3. James Gaines

Adult Female-Run age 19-39 years:

1. Trina Hoevener, 2. LeAnn Silence, 3. Stacie Lucas

Adult Male-Walk age 40+ years:

1. Dwayne Richey

Adult Female-Walk age 19-39 years:

1. Lisa Campbell, 2. Kelly Rieckers, 3. Julie Lucas.

Adult Female-Run age 40+ years:

1. Cheryl Nehrt, 2. Linda Moore.

Adult Female-Walk age 40+ years:

1. Terry Richey, 2. Michele Teipen, 3. Shelley O’Sullivan.

Results of the RWB Festival Pedal Pull are as follows:

0 – 50 lbs:

Taylor Tatlock, son of Cassie Tatlock of Crothersville; Evan Hoevener, son of Greg and Angie Hoevener of Crothersville; Levi Hickey, son of Rebecca Hickey of Paris Crossing.

51 – 70 lbs:

Ella Hickey, daughter of Rebecca Hickey of Paris Crossing; Joseph Tatlock, son of Nicholas and Cassondra Tatlock of Crothersville; Zach Ortman, son of Toby and Paula Ortman of Crothersville.

71 – 90 lbs:

Carson Farmer, son of Ed and Kristie Farmer of Crothersville; Kalynda Hoevener, daughter of Greg and Angie Hoevener of Crothersville; Stefani Bush – daughter of Cristy Bush of Seymour.

Crothersville’s Most Talented Winner: Brittany Gay.

Crothersville’s Biggest Loser: Leah Caudill.

CARD’s Bubble Gum Blowing Contest Winners: Ashely Martin, Grace Hicks and Katie Wheeler.

Results of the RWB Dog Show:

Dressed Like Owner: Peanut owned by Shelley O’Sullivan.

Shortest Tail: Ricki (2”) owned by Janet Jines.

Ugliest: Hercules owned by Jennifer Pearson.

Smallest: Mouse owned by Ginny McInTosh.

Judges for the event were Robert “Nute” & Sharon Langdon along with assistance from Nancy Nay, Melvin & Ann Walker Ruddick.

No results for Saturday’s Festival Parade were made available. Bridges said that for those who did not receive their trophy can call 569-0407.