Avoid These On Thanksgiving And Others Will Be Thankful

by Curt Kovener Curt line

As you are dining on some delectable food tomorrow with family and friends, there are some conversational rules to follow, according to author Debra Fine who’s published books “The Fine Art of the Big Talk” and “The Fine Art of Small Talk.”
Thanksgiving can mean the ideal family get together or a day of awkward moments, uncomfortable silences and eruptions of family feuds.
So as you gather about your table on Thanksgiving, here are some definite don’ts for conversation starters.
•“Are you two ever going to get married?” or if they are avoid “When are you two going to make me a grandparent?”
•“No, thanks. I gave up drinking after I saw the toll it took on you.”
•“Why did you two leave that beautiful home for this place?”
•“I knew your candidate did not stand a chance in the election, what do you have to say for yourself now?”
•“Aren’t you full yet?” or “Why aren’t you eating anything?”
•“Yes, I know you’re a parent. But haven’t you ever thought about working?”
•“I see you still can’t be bothered with ironing a shirt.”
•“How is it that your son looks just like you and your daughter looks like she could be from a different family?”
•“Did you cook this yourself, or did you just thaw it out?”
None of these are conversation starters and will pretty much insure you a non-invitation to the next family gathering.
Now that you know what to avoid, have a Happy Thanksgiving.