ATV/UTV’s Get Green Light To Run On Scottsburg Streets

With some restrictions, All Terrain Vehicles (2-passenger 4-wheelers) and Utility Vehicles (side-by-side passenger utility vehicles such as a John Deere Gator) can now operate legally on the streets of Scottsburg following unanimous approval of Ordinance 2018-10 by the Scottsburg Common Council earlier this month.
To legally operate on the city streets, vehicles must be operated by a driver at least 18 years old who possesses a valid drivers license, must have working headlights, taillights, brake lights, turn signals, and rearview mirror.
Additionally, vehicles must display the traditional triangle shaped farm Slow Moving Vehicle emblem on the rear or have an orange pennant or flag at least 12” by no more than 10’ affixed to a staff or pole on the vehicle at least 4’ but not more than 10’ in length.
Before they can legally be operated, off road vehicles must be registered and inspected annually with the Scottsburg City Police Department or of before Oct. 1. Registration fee is $25 per year.
Off road vehicles cannot be legally operated on city streets between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m.
Operators will need to show proof of liability insurance on the vehicle.
Off Road Vehicles can be operated on all Scottsburg streets with some exceptions. They can cross but not drive on US 31 and State Road 56. Additionally, they cannot be operated on the Scottsburg Multi-Use Trail, any property of Scott County School district 2, and sidewalks, or any unpaved surfaces of public property.
Vehicles must follow the rules of the road for safe operation and violators are subject to fines ranging from $50-$100 per offense and impoundment of the vehicle by police.
The ordinance, passed Aug. 6, became effective with the publication of the ordinance in the Times. The full ordinance is found on page 5 of this week’s print issue and in the Public Notice Section of this week’s online edition.