Animal Facts Are Stranger Than Fiction

by Curt Kovener          

•Clipped Poodles look ridiculous! Poodles were originally hunting dogs and were clipped to improve their swimming ability. The ‘pom poms’ were left to ensure their joints stayed warm.

•Cows are more deadly than sharks! Each year there are ten fatalities due to shark attacks, however, about 100 people are trampled to death by cattle every 12 months.

•The origin of the species! If a dog receives little contact with a human in the first three months they generally don’t make good pets.

•A wolf’s howl does not echo. Wolves do much of their hunting in mountainous areas and echoes can distort their ability to communicate. To alleviate this problem wolves howl at a frequency that does not echo.

•A sweet tooth can be fatal! Cocoa contains theobromine, which can cause the heart and nervous system of dogs have seizures and invoke sickness; in large doses it can even be fatal.

•It’s a Dog life. It is commonly believed that 1 dog year equals 7 human years. This is not quite correct. The ratio changes during the dog’s life. At 1 they are about 15 human years, at 7 years old they are about 47 human years.

•Deer account for more humans deaths than any other animal. Deer account for more human deaths each year than snakes, wolves, spiders, and bears combined. Because of their propensity to find their way in front of traffic, deer cause more human deaths annually than any other creature.

•A nose for crime. Dogs noses have a print similar to a human finger print with no two ever the same.

•Now that’s a Movement! It’s not surprising to learn that elephants poop a lot; however, the actual amount of dung excreted by a grown elephant on a daily basis is shocking. The average elephant squeezes out about 220 pounds of excrement every single day! (We’ll refrain from commenting on any connection that has with political campaigns.)