Aisin Chemical Indiana To Expand In Crothersville

Aisin Chemical Indiana LLC, has announced a $6 million expansion to their production facility in Crothersville. The expansion will include a 30,000 square foot addition to their building to accommodate additional production equipment.

The initial phase of the project will add five new full-time jobs. Construction of the expansion is expected to begin later this year.

Tim Carter, General Manager with ACIN said, “we opened our doors in Crothersville 2006 at ADI and have seen continued growth in the automotive sector and expansion of our customer base” resulting in this planned expansion.

The company manufactures liquid applied sound deadening material for Toyota, Subaru of Indiana and Nissan. The company also makes Wet Friction Materials for automatic transmissions and anti-corrosion paint.

ACIN, began production in 2006 within the confines of sister manufacturer, Aisin Drivetrain at the Crothersville Industrial Park south of town.

In 2010 ACIN built a new plant adjacent to their production location they share with Aisin Drivetrain. 

At the present time, 43 are employed with the automotive parts manufacturer.

In June 2010 the company broke ground for the initial $9 million investment in the present 70,0000 square foot building, land, equipment and related expenses for the plant on Industrial Way

ACIN officials, along with Jackson County Industrial Development Corporation Executive Director Jim Plump were expected to be in attendance at Tuesday’s Crothersville Town Council meeting to seek tax abatements for the expansion.

ACIN is a subsidiary of Aisin Chemical Co., LTD- located in Japan-and Aisin Holdings of America, Seymour.