Planning, Voting, Building, Holiday Celebrating Occupy Town Council

The Crothersville Community Comprehensive Plan should be ready for review by the committee who has been working on the plan since the first of the year, the Crothersville Town Council learned during their November meeting last Tuesday.

Trena Carter of ARa in Columbus advised the council that Houseal Lavene should have the final plan available before Thanksgiving. The council plans to hold a public hearing on the plan at their Dec. 2 meeting. The plan would be adopted at a special meeting on Wednesday, Dec. 11.

The comprehensive plan is a listing of the needs of the town and methods of achieving those needs for improving quality of life in Crothersville. The plan can then be used to help obtain government grants.

The town’s widely accepted voting limits have now been officially adopted by the council. The ordinance provides for the town’s voting area to be those residents who live inside the town limits.

The voting has always been this way but an annexation of property approved in December 1997 brought some residents in the Vernon South precinct into the town’s voting area. The issue was problematic for the county and residents of the newly annexed areas in that for town elections, a separate listing of voters in Vernon South also needed to be available to accommodate that 10 or so voters. For general elections those Vernon South voters did not vote in the town precinct but the Vernon South precinct.

With the new ordinance, that confusion will be cleared and all registered voters of Crothersville will vote in the same precinct.

In another matter, the old town barn that is in violation of the town’s derelict building ordinance, may soon be coming down…maybe.

The pole building, located near the town’s water tower, has  metal siding that is rusting away, according to one town worker.

“It’s not used for anything but storing stuff we haven’t had any use for in 15 years,” said Wastewater Superintendent Mason Boicourt.

Despite that assessment, Lenvel ‘Butch’ Robinson and Derrick Minton were reluctant to approve its razing.

“If the building is structurally sound, maybe we should just put some new metal on it and keep it for town’s use,” said Robinson.

The two council members voted to table a decision until the December meeting.

However, two no longer used pickup trucks were sold by the town after opening sealed bids. John Shirley of Crothersville was the successful bidder for a 2000 Chevrolet S-10 for $551 and a 2000 Chevy Silverado for $527.  A total of seven bidders took part in the sale.

At a request by resident Cory Strong, the town’s Golf Cart and ATV ordinance was amended to allow properly equipped golf carts 24-hour use of the town’s streets. Currently golf carts can only be used during daylight hours.

The council amended the ordinance to allow nighttime driving on town streets if golf carts had headlights, and brake & tail lights. The amendment passed 2-0.

The council gave their approval to the local Lions Club to hold a Christmas parade on Friday, Nov. 30, during the community holiday kickoff.

The parade would begin at the Crothersville Christian Church, so south on Preston, west on Howard and disband at the former town hall location on West Howard Street.

The “Christmas in the ‘Ville” celebration will include a tree lighting at the Methodist Church commons at the stoplight and ‘Cookies and Carols’ at Hamacher Hall, according to local Lions Club member Brenda Holzworth.

500 Acres Added To Muscatatuck River Project

The Healthy Rivers INitiative continues to grow along the Muscatatuck River with the recent acquisition of nearly 500 acres for the Department of Natural Resources’ land conservation project.

The area, which is being called Austin Bottoms Conservation Area, has added parcels in three counties- 121 acres in Jackson County, 184.5 acres in Scott County, and 192 acres in Washington County.

“These parcels are important because they move the program a few steps closer to its long-range land conservation goal,” said DNR director Cameron Clark. “Piece by piece, acre by acre, we’re making progress, but most importantly we’re protecting natural areas that will provide habitat for wildlife and recreational opportunities for Hoosiers.”

The Healthy Rivers INitiative, or HRI, began in 2010 with the objective to permanently protect nearly 70,000 acres along the Muscatatuck, the Wabash River, and Sugar Creek. To date, the project has protected 30,500 acres, including DNR purchases of almost 10,900 acres. The total acreage includes lands newly acquired through HRI, existing lands owned or managed prior to HRI, and acreage enrolled in the federal Wetlands Reserve Program.

The three recent purchase sites boost HRI success in the Muscatatuck project area to 7,800 acres, almost half of which is under DNR management. The new parcels are being managed jointly by the DNR divisions of Fish & Wildlife, Forestry, and State Parks & Reservoirs.

The DNR opened 2,355 acres of the Austin Bottoms Conservation Area to public use this past spring and is developing plans to open additional areas next spring.

For more information on HRI and to view maps of the areas now open to the public, visit

Conservation Club Schedules Christmas Pitch-In

The Tri-County Conservation Club will hold its annual Christmas Pitch-In on Sunday, Dec. 1, at 12:30. The meal is open to the public.

Attendees are asked to bring two covered dishes. Meat, drinks and paper goods are provided.

Santa will be visiting around 1 pm and then a White Elephant Auction will take place. Anyone wishing to donate auction items can bring them to the auction or call 793-3033 to make arrangements to pick up prior to Dec. 1.

The 2014 officers will be President Brian Karnes, Vice President Bill Deaton, Secretary/Treasurer Nan Clark. Directors will be Paul Hall, Kermit Karnes, Oval Lee Clark, Ivan Donnell, and Jessie Deaton.

Anyone wishing to join or get their 2014 memberships of $5-$20 may by contacting Oval or Nan Clark at 793-3013 or Brian at 793-3033 or 498-4447.

Public Notices

Notice of Passage of Ordinance Relating to Election Districts

On November 5, 2013, the Crothersville Town Council adopted an ordinance re-establishing the voting precinct for the Town. The ordinance reads as follows:

ORDINANCE NO. 2013 – 3 (2013)

“An ordinance establishing the voting precinct in the Town of Crothersville, Jackson County, Indiana.”

WHEREAS, the Town Council of the Town of Crothersville, Indiana has the power and authority to establish the voting precinct in Crothersville, Indiana; and

WHEREAS, the Town Council of the Town of Crothersville, Indiana has complied with the requirements when establishing the voting precinct; and

WHEREAS, The Town Council of the Town of Crothersville, Indiana hereby finds and determines that IC 36-5-2-4.1 provides that the legislative body may by ordinance divide the town into districts to conduct elections to town offices; and

WHEREAS, the Town Council of the Town of Crothersville, Indiana has determined that certain voting precincts should be established or modified.


Section 1: The following described modifications are approved to the existing Town of Crothersville, Indiana voting precinct, to-wit:

See Attached Exhibit Below

Section 2: The voting precinct that includes the corporate limits of the Town of Crothersville, Indiana also includes that portion of Vernon South precinct that was annexed into the Town of Crothersville, Indiana on December 30, 1997.

Section 3: Should any section, paragraph, clause or phrase of this ordinance be declared unconstitutional or invalid, the remainder of said ordinance shall continue in full force and effect.

Section 4: All prior ordinances or parts thereof inconsistent with any provision of this ordinance are hereby repealed.

Section 5: That this Ordinance shall be in full force and effect from and after its passage, publication by the Clerk-Treasurer, and approval by the Town Council, all as by law provided.

ADOPTED BY THE TOWN COUNCIL this 5th day of November, 2013.

Ardell Mitchell

Lenvel Robinson

Derrick Minton


Michele Teipen, Clerk-Treasurer

Town of Crothersville, Indiana

11/13, 11/20, 11/27 hspalpx





Proposed Flood Hazard Determinations for Jackson County, Indiana and Incorporated Areas

The Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Emergency Management Agency has issued a preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM), and where applicable, Flood Insurance Study (FIS) report, reflecting proposed flood hazard determinations within Jackson County, Indiana and Incorporated Areas. These flood hazard determinations may include the addition or modification of Base Flood Elevations, base flood depths, Special Flood Hazard Area boundaries or zone designations, or the regulatory floodway. Technical information or comments are solicited on the proposed flood hazard determinations shown on the preliminary FIRM and/or FIS report for Jackson County, Indiana and Incorporated Areas. These flood hazard determinations are the basis for the floodplain management measures that your community is required to either adopt or show evidence of being already in effect in order to qualify or remain qualified for participation in the National Flood Insurance Program. However, before these determinations are effective for floodplain management purposes, you will be provided an opportunity to appeal the proposed information. For information on the statutory 90-day period provided for appeals, as well as a complete listing of the communities affected and the locations where copies of the FIRM are available for review, please visit FEMA’s website at, or call the FEMA Map Information eXchange (FMIX) toll free at 1-877-FEMA MAP (1-877-336-2627).

11/6, 11/13   hspaxlp



The contents of storage Unit 25, formerly rented to James Hale, at the Crothersville Handie Self Storage on Marshall Drive in Crothersville will be opened and contents disposed of as a result on non-payment of rent on Saturday, Nov. 16, 2013 unless prior arrangements are made

11/6, 11/13   hspaxlp

Thoughts On Children I Never Had

by Curt Kovener 

(This week’s column is a historical selection from the Curt Comments archive.)

•Ever notice that a human baby doesn’t walk until it’s tall enough to reach a parent’s hand?

•Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing is like clearing the drive before it has stopped snowing.

•”There is only one pretty child in the world and every parent has it.”- Chinese Proverb.

•Mothers of teens know why animals eat their young.

•I asked Mom if I was a gifted child …she said they certainly wouldn’t have paid for me.

•Children are natural mimics, who act like their parents despite every effort to teach them good manners.

•Children will soon forget your presents, but they will always remember your presence.

•Children seldom misquote you. In fact, they usually repeat word for word what you shouldn’t have said.

•The main purpose of holding children’s parties is to remind yourself that there are children more awful than your own.

•Becoming aware of my character defects leads me naturally to the next step of blaming my parents.

•Even if you childproof your home… like ladybugs somehow they still get in!

•Be nice to your kids. They’ll choose your nursing home.

•Grandchildren are God’s reward for not killing your children.

•You can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time, but you can never fool a Mom.

•I love to give homemade gifts: which one of my kids do you want?

•A child’s greatest period of growth is the month after you’ve purchased new school clothes.

•Anyone who says ‘Easy as taking candy from a baby’ has never tried it.

•Children: You spend the first 2 years of their life teaching them to walk and talk. Then you spend the next 16 telling them to sit down and shut-up.

•The best inheritance parents can give their children is a few minutes of their time each day.