No Jackson County Matches Yet From New DNA Law

All Hoosier Felony Arrests Now Require Swab Test

Law enforcement officials in Jackson County say it’s too early to see the effects of a recent law requiring more stringent DNA testing of potential offenders.
Indiana Senate Enrolled Act 322 was authored last spring by state Sen. Erin Houchin, R-Salem, and went into effect at the first of the year. It requires jails in Indiana to perform DNA samples on all people arrested on preliminary felony charges.
The samples are regularly sent to the Indiana State Police laboratory and entered into the state’s Combined DNA Index System, or CODIS.
While the jails didn’t previously do DNA sampling, Jackson County Jail Commander Charlie Murphy said implementing the simple procedures have gone off without a hitch and is not a burden to the jail book-in process.
“When you get booked into jail, you get fingerprinted, you get your picture taken, you get patted down, you get your property inventory checked,” said Murphy. “We just added this as another step in the book-in process.”
Murphy said this procedure is a change from previous practice. “Before you had to go through the court process and be convicted of a felony before authorities got a DNA sample,” he explained. “With this new law, anyone charged with a felony will have a DNA sample taken.
“We swab a person’s mouth, seal up the swab with their identification information, and place the sealed package in a special container. When the container is full we ship it to the Indiana State Police lab,” said the jail commander.
Murphy said that jailors have taken around 90 DNA samples from those charged with felonies during the book-in process so far this year.
“It’s too early to determine any DNA matches and there might not be any this year,” said Murphy. “It takes time to analyze DNA and get it into the data base.
“We have the easy part; ISP has the burden,” said Murphy.
The state police lab is already back-logged with DNA testing. Add 91 counties (one Hoosier county does not have a jail) and it adds to the ISP already over burdened workload.
While no matches to other crimes have occurred yet, the data being added to the system may soon prove to be beneficial in identifying suspects in Jackson and surrounding counties cases.
“I do think it’s only a matter of time before this does result in solving unsolved crimes here in Jackson County,” Murphy said.
If a match is made, he said, the investigating police department would be notified, which would then notify the prosecutor’s office.
“And we would move forward to firm up that data and make sure it was accurate and conduct additional investigation,” Murphy said.
While those skeptical of the legislation have argued it crosses a line into privacy rights since it gathers evidence from people who are accused but not yet convicted, proponents say the benefits outweigh the cost.
“I don’t see how it wouldn’t be helpful,” Murphy said. “If any police agency goes to a scene, DNA is collected,” he said. “This may help link us to a suspect.”
He said he thinks one of the strongest points in the law is how it can aid sex crime cases.
“I think that sex offenses and child molesting are a category of crime that is especially heinous,” he said. “This particular law is going to yield the most benefits in identifying these perpetrators.”

Crothersville Probation Visit Results In Six Arrested On Drug Related Charges

A routine probation visit by probation and law enforcement officers from Scott County and Crothersville Police last week resulted in six area residents facing drug related charges.
Just before noon last Wednesday, Feb. 21, Crothersville Chief of Police Brent Turner, along with deputies from the Scott County Sheriff’s Dept, and Probation Officers from the Scott County Probation Department, went to 11242 E 600 S, on the east side of Crothersville for a home visit. The address is the home of Brandon Bush who is currently on probation in Scott County Indiana.
According to CPD Chief Turner, “While at the residence conducting the home visit, we discovered hypodermic syringes, drug paraphernalia, and a substance believed to be methamphetamine.”
Inside the residence were Tonni Renee Drake, 32, of Deputy; Dakota Lee Fortner, 24, of Scottsburg; Debra Lynn Stacy, 45, of Austin; Brandon Todd Sawyer, 20, of Crothersville; Tosha Leoda Tincher, 19, of Crothersville; and Brandon Wayne Bush, 34, Crothersville.
All 6 occupants of the house were arrested and the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department was contacted to bring a transport van, said Turner.
The six were booked into Jackson County Jail on the following charges:
•Tonni Drake: illegal possession of syringe, visiting a common nuisance.
•Dakota Fortner: visiting a common nuisance.
•Debra Stacy: visiting a common nuisance.
•Brandon Sawyer: visiting a common nuisance.
•Tosha Tincher: visiting a common nuisance.
•Brandon Bush: maintaining a common nuisance, possession of methamphetamine, illegal possession of syringe, possession of paraphernalia.
Assisting at the scene were Crothersville Police Officer Chris Cooper, officers with Scott County Sheriff’s Department, Scott County Probation Department, Jackson County Jail Commander Charlie Murphy.

Local Resident Named To Peoples Bank Board Of Directors

TPB Bancorp and its subsidiary The Peoples Bank, has announced the election of a new Chairman of the Board and the appointment of a new member to the Board of Directors.
On Monday, February 12, 2018, Jeffrey A. Nierman, of Seymour was elected as Chairman of the Board and Andrew N. Nehrt, of Crothersville was sworn in as a Director. Nehrt will serve the remaining term of Donald L. Norman, who passed away Sept. 23, 2017.
Donald L. Norman began working at the Brownstown Loan & Trust (now known as The Peoples Bank) sixty-two years ago on June 20, 1955 and had served as President from 1965 to 2005. He had served as Chairman of The Board since January 1978.

Andrew Nehrt

Andrew N. Nehrt was born and raised in Crothersville. He graduated from Crothersville High School and attended Purdue University in Aviation Maintenance Technology.
He and his wife, Cheryl, purchased the family farm west of Crothersville and are the fifth generation to own the farm.
Nehrt is currently co-owner of Pro-Form Plastics, Inc., A&N Investments and The Charlestown Hotel Group
“The Directors feel Nehrt will be an asset to the Bank and our community. He is a respected business owner and his philosophies match that of the Board of Directors and the Bank,” said Bank President Wm. Mark Norman.

Jeffrey Nierman

Nierman has been a member of the bank’s board of directors for nearly 28 years. During that tenure he has been an active member of several of the bank’s operational committees.
Nierman graduated from the Indiana University School of Business and Law School. He engaged in private law practice over 25 years concentrating his work in property, banking and municipal law. During this practice he represented the bank; the towns of Crothersville, Medora and Brownstown; as well as the Jackson County Regional Sewage District.
He also served in the Jackson County Prosecutor’s office for 33 years.
Nierman and his wife Jane reside in the Seymour area.

Paying Attention To Punctuation

by Curt Kovener

Sitting in high school English class I felt compelled to pay attention. Mrs. Lewis was not only my teacher; she also was our neighbor for the first five years of my life. I realized that if I were caught not paying attention, she would resort to the underhanded tactic of telling my mother.
Little did I know at the time that I would be using words to make a living. If I did, perhaps I would have paid even more attention. I still struggle with her lessons on when to use lay, laid, lain, and lie.
I think I remember enough of what she taught us about punctuation. Though it is my observation that texting and Facebook probably has shown that many others did not pay attention in high school English Class.
•For instance a sign that says: We’re Open has different meaning that Were Open
•I don’t believe that a sign at a Goodwill Store meant to be insulting when it read: Thank you! Your Donation Just Helped Someone. Get a Job!
•Some commas could make the business’ bathroom policy more informative and less humorous & confusing: Toilet Only For Elderly Disabled Pregnant Children
•A magazine cover headline could have been more precise with a couple of commas: Rachael Ray finds inspiration in cooking her family and her dog.
•Let’s eat, Grandpa! has a most different meaning from Let’s eat Grandpa!
•Who wants to live in a neighborhood that has a street sign proclaiming “Slow Children Crossing”?
•Seen on a bumper sticker: Irony is when someone writes “Your An Idiot.”
•Spelling, grammar, and punctuation are important in relationships: She texted me “your adorable”. I responded with “no, you’re adorable”. Now she thinks I like her when all I did was point out her grammar mistake.
•How sentences are punctuated can result in very dramatic different meanings. First read this message conveying warm affection.
Dear John:
I want a man who knows what love is all about. You are generous, kind, thoughtful. People who are not like you admit to being useless and inferior. You have ruined me for other men. I yearn for you. I have no feelings whatsoever when we’re apart. I can be forever happy. Will you let me be yours?
Now let’s see how those same words read with the punctuation in different places:
Dear John:
I want a man who knows what love is. All about you are generous, kind, thoughtful people, who are not like you. Admit to being useless and inferior. You have ruined me. For other men, I yearn. For you, I have no feelings whatsoever. When we’re apart, I can be forever happy. Will you let me be?
•And another example of the importance of punctuation (mixed with some sexism) a college English Professor wrote this following on the board: A woman without her man is nothing” and instructed the class to correctly punctuate the sentence.
The males wrote, “A woman, without her man, is nothing.
The females wrote, “A woman: without her, man is nothing.”
•And finally, if you don’t think punctuation is important, try forgetting the comma when you text someone “I’m sorry, I love you.”


2017 Vernon Ann Rep

2017 Jackson Twp. AR

2017 Jackson Co AR


CAUSE NO. 36D01-1802-PL-000003


To: TP & J Corporation, d/b/a Hoosier Parts; Any and All Others Claiming Title to Real Estate; including successors or assigns, whose identities and whereabouts are unknown.
Notice is hereby given that on February 2, 2018, there was filed in the office of the Clerk of Jackson County, Indiana, a Complaint to Quiet Title to Real Estate. Certified mailing to TP & J Corporation, at its last registered address, came back “Not Deliverable,” showing that the identities and whereabouts of TP & J Corporation, including its Successors or Assigns, are unknown.
Unless you respond to this notice by entering your appearance in the above-captioned cause within thirty (30) days of the last publication of this notice, the cause will be heard and decided in your absence.
/s/ Amanda Lowery, Clerk
Jackson Circuit/Superior Court
Matthew J. Lorenzo
Attorney for Plaintiffs
218 West Second Street
Seymour, IN 47274
(812) 524-9000
2/28, 3/7, 3/14


CAUSE NO. 36C01-1801-EU-000003
In the Circuit Court of Jackson County, Indiana.
Pursuant to I.C. 29-1-7-7, notice is hereby given that Amy Brandt Peters was on the 22nd day of January, 2018, appointed Personal Representative of the Estate of Anita Kay Brandt, deceased, who died testate on December 15, 2017.
All persons having claims against this estate, whether or not now due, must file the claim in the office of the clerk of this court within three (3) months from the date of first publication of this notice, or within nine (9) months after the decedent’s death, whichever is earlier, or the claims will be forever barred.
Dated at Brownstown, Indiana, this _22nd_ day of ____January__, 2018.
Amanda L. Lowery,
Clerk of the Circuit Court of
Jackson County, Indiana
Attorney for Estate:
Jeffrey J. Lorenzo
Lorenzo & Bevers
218 West Second Street
Seymour, IN 47274
Phone: (812) 524-9000
02/21, 02/28 hspaxlp


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