Former Crothersville Woman Facing Drug Charges

A former Crothersville woman, now residing in Kentucky, was arrested on a variety of drug related charged early Saturday morning by Crothersville Police.
Combs,AmyAmy Denise Combs, 37, of Eubank, Kentucky was stopped by Crothersville Patrolman Chris Cooper and reserve officer Travis McElfresh shortly after 3 a.m.
As officers’ were writing Combs a citation for not having proof of financial responsibility for the 1995 Chevrolet pickup she was driving, her behavior led officers to believe was involved in some illegal activity, according to Crothersville Police Captain J.L. McElfresh.
“While waiting for Howard’s Wrecker to arrive to tow the vehicle, Officers Cooper and McElfresh inventoried the truck cab and uncovered several items related to using and dealing drugs,” said Capt. McElfresh.
Officers found 3.5 grams of methamphetamine, Tramadol tablets, 600 mg tablets of the prescription drug Fenoprofen, digital scales, small baggies and glass pipes all believed to be used in connection with drug use and dealing.
Local officers booked Combs into Jackson County Jail at 4:53 a.m. charging her with dealing methamphetamine, possession of methamphetamine, violation of the Legend Drug Act, possession of a controlled substance, and possession of drug paraphernalia.
Local officers were assisted by Jackson County Sheriff Deputies Mitch Ray and Mark Holt.

Forest’s Hammer Drill

online Pileated Woodpecker

The Pileated Woodpecker is the largest woodpecker found in Indiana; adults are about the size of a crow. The insect eaters can be identified by their zebra striped heads and necks and long bills. Their jackhammer rat-a-tat-tat can be head throughout the forest as they drill into trees seeking insect larvae leaving telltale piles of wood chips at the base of trees. The resulting cavities, often found in dead snags, can become home to owls, bats, squirrels and the woodpeckers themselves.
~photo by Tracie Kovener

Town Considering Increasing Stormwater Utility Fees For Non-Residential Properties

Non-residential properties in Crothersville with over 10,000 square feet of roof or non-permiable paving could see an increase in the newly established stormwater utlility fees if a proposed rates structure is approved by the town council at their April meeting.
The stormwater utility fee was established last year and set at $3 per property owner. At the time, the council agreed to survey non-residential property and establish a higher rate for larger areas of roof or paved surfaces.
The town established the utility to pay for ditching and culverts to improve surface water drainage in town. The establishment of the stormwater utility fee was a factor that helped gained approval in December of a state grant to clean out the west end of hominy ditch (the main east-west drainageway in town) and to install enlarged culverts at Bethany Road, Park Avenue and Kovener Street to improve drainage after heavy rains.
Reviewing non-residential properties inside the town limits, the council is proposing to increase the stormwater utility fee for the following properties with roofs and/or paving in the following sizes and amounts:
•10,000-60,000 sq. ft., $12/month
•60,000-160,000 sq. ft., $24/month
•160,000-260,000 sq. ft., $48/month
•260,000-360,000 sq. ft., $96/month
•Over 360,000 sq. ft., $144/month
According to the town officials’ calculations, there are 15 properties in the 10,000 to 60,000 sq. ft. category, none in the second category, one in the 160,000 to 260,000 category, one in the 260,000-360,000 category, and three in the over 260,000 square foot category.
The council will consider approving the rates at second reading of the ordinance at their April 4 meeting.
In a related matter town utility supervisors advised the council that now that the stormwater fee is established and the payments to improve surface water drainage are accumulating, the town needs to be prepared to begin cleaning area ditches and installing culverts.
“The biggest complaint we have is about standing water,” said water superintendent Chris Mains.
“We are collecting around $2,400 a month in the stormwater utility fee fund,” said wastewater superintendent Mason Boicourt. “With spring rains coming, we need to be prepared to do ditching and have culverts on hand to install.”
The utility workers recommended purchasing a small excavator with a shallow ditch bucket for cleaning ditches and installing culverts.
Boicourt said a small Case excavator on rubber tracks can be purchased for $55,000 and leased for just under $1,600 a month for three years.
The council approved the lease for the local utility work.
An amendment to a local dog and cat ordinance was approved without comment from the public. The matter had been one of considerable concern and discussion at town council meetings and on social media.
Owners of dogs who bite or attack people or other animals will now face a one-strike and out ordinance. Owners of dogs who cause bodily harm, even if they get loose from a fenced yard, home or leash, will have top remove the animal from the town limits after one offense.
The council heard updates on activities by the police department, town engineer, and the local parks board.
Crothersville Police Capt. J.L. McElfresh said that two of the town’s new police vehicles have had emergency equipment installed and are in service. McElfresh has been busy installing the equipment to save the town money.
“We expect to have all four vehicles on the road by March 20,” he said. “While we have the police station, our cars are our offices.”
He said that last month the department received 123 calls of which about 20% dealt with suspicious person or activity.
“Residents are watching out the their neighborhood and calling us with information,” he said.
Brad Bender, engineer with FPBH, reported that survey work is in process for the recently approved $500,000 stormwater grant to clean and improve water flow on the west end of Hominy Ditch.
The council ok’d spending $7,000 for new playground equipment at the Bard Street Park. The equipment will include swings, merry-go-round, log roll, and see-saw.
Also approved was spending $1,750 to repair the concession stand at the Countryside Park on th west side of town.
In other matters, the council
•Approved continuing sharing in the Local Option Income Tax (LOIT) with Jackson County. Originally the inter-local agreement began in the 1990’s to help pay for the county jail, according to town attorney Jeff Lorenzo. Now that the county is beginning construction of a new judicial center to house all three courts, they want the town to continue with the 25% contribution to help pay for the court construction costs.
“This is not a new fee,” said Lorenzo. “The town has been contributing it for over 20 years.”
“We are already doing it and all of the four city and towns in the county take part,” said councilman Bob Lyttle.
•Reminded residents that the town water rates will increase 1% with the next billing cycle. The automatic annual small increases were approved several years ago rather than keep rate stagnant and then have double digit percentage increases
•Re-appointed Matt Browning to the town parks board.

Public Notices

These are the Court Claims that were approved by Commissioners for the month of January 2017.
Circuit Court
Blondie’s Pizzeria, $160.33; Frontier, $99.99; Phillips & Co, $280.00; Bedford Office Supply, $72.42; Pitney Bowes Inc, $156.00; Matthew Bender & Co Inc, $454.01.
Superior Court I
Business Info Systems Inc, $4054.00
Superior Court II
Farrow & Thompson, $25.00; Bedford Office Supply Inc, $446.29.
Kathy S. Hohenstreiter
Jackson County Auditor
3/15    hspaxlp

These are the Court Claims that were approved by Commissioners for the month of February 2017.
Circuit Court
Lorie Gutierrez, $408.76; Melissa Hayes, $232.00; Comcast Cable, $489.90; Pengad Inc, $30.50; Phillips & Co, $200.00; Bedford Office Supply, $106.59; Quill Corporation, $68.96; IN Univ Psychiatric Assoc, $4350.00; Pitney Bowes Postage by Phone, $3406.41.
Superior Court I
Bedford Office Supply, $689.76; Phillips & Co, $150.00
Superior Court II
Maria Hendrix, $100.00; Bedford Office Supply, $33.98; West, $337.00; Treasurer of Jackson Co, $50,000.00; Business Info Systems, Inc, $1740.00
Kathy S. Hohenstreiter
Jackson County Auditor
3/15    hspaxlp

Property owners and other interested parties in the Town of Crothersville, Indiana (“Town”) are hereby notified that the Town Council adopted an amended animal ordinance on March 7, 2017.  The ordinance contains fines and penalties for violations.
The complete text of the animal ordinances is available for examination and copying at the office of the Clerk-Treasurer at the Town Hall of the Town of Crothersville, 111 East Howard Street, Crothersville, Indiana 47229 during normal business hours.
Terry Richey
Dated: March 8, 2017
3/15   hspaxlp

Property owners, ratepayers and other interested parties in or served or to be served by the utilities of the Town of Crothersville, Indiana (“Town”) are hereby notified that a public hearing will be held by the Town Council, at the Town Hall, 111 East Howard Street, Crothersville, Indiana 47229, commencing at 6:00 PM on April 4, 2017.  The purpose of the hearing is to consider the establishment of stormwater user fees for the users of the Town’s utilities.  At the hearing, interested persons will have the opportunity to be heard concerning the stormwater rates and charges to be established by the ordinances.
The complete text of the ordinances are available for examination and copying at the office of the Clerk-Treasurer at the Town Hall of the Town of Crothersville, 111 East Howard Street, Crothersville, Indiana 47229 during normal business hours and will be available at the public hearing.
At the April 4, 2017 meeting, the Town Council shall consider, and may take final action on, the proposed ordinance.
Terry Richey
Dated: March 8, 2017
03/15, 03/22    hspaxlp

CAUSE NO.  36C01-1701-EU-009
In the Circuit Court of Jackson County, Indiana.
Pursuant to I.C. 29-1-7-7, notice is hereby given that Cynthia A. Dennis was, on February 1, 2017, appointed Personal Representative of the Estate of Florence K. Carter, deceased, who died testate on December 27, 2016.
All persons having claims against this estate, whether or not now due, must file the claim in the office of the clerk of this court within three (3) months from the date of first publication of this notice, or within nine (9) months after the decedent’s death, whichever is earlier, or the claims will be forever barred.
Dated at Brownstown, Indiana, this 1st day of February, 2017.
Amanda L. Lowery,
Clerk of the Circuit Court of
Jackson County, Indiana
Attorney for Estate:
Matthew J. Lorenzo
Lorenzo & Bevers
218 West Second Street
Seymour, IN 47274
Phone:  (812) 524-9000
3/15, 3/22    hspaxlp

CAUSE NO. 36C01-1702-MI-0018
The Peoples Bank of Brownstown
Jeff McClintock and
Bureau of Motor Vehicles
To: The Defendant named above, including their successors or assigns, whose identities and whereabouts are unknown.
Notice is hereby given that on February 22, 2017, there was filed in the Office of the Clerk of Jackson County, Indiana, a Petition to Obtain Title to a Motor Vehicle and Praecipe for Summons by Publication on the Defendants, whoever they may be, showing that the identities and whereabouts of Jeff McClintock, including his Successors or Assigns, are unknown.
Unless you respond to this notice by entering your appearance in the above-captioned cause within thirty (30) days of the last publication of this notice, the cause will be heard and decided in your absence.
/s/ Amanda Lowery, Clerk
Jackson Circuit/Superior Court
Jeffrey J. Lorenzo
Attorney for Plaintiffs
218 West Second Street
Seymour, IN 47274
(812) 524-9000
3/15, 3/22, 3/29   hspaxlp

Sometimes It’s Difficult…

Curt-lineby Curt Kovener

I could write about the weather and how warm February temperatures have early spring flowers blooming and how mid-March temperatures are doing their best to do in the early spring blooming flowers.
I could write about the Ides of March, the mid-point of the month of which Caesar was warned of his impending death and whose last words were “Et tu Brute?” (You too Brutus?) as his colleague(?) joined in with the crowd to stab him to death.
Or I could write about how we embrace celebrating St. Patrick’s Day this Friday (probably because of the revelry & beer) but how our American ancestors’ discriminated against Irish immigrants much like too many of today’s now naturalized by birth A-mur-acun immigrants discriminate against those who don’t look like us.
That kind of discrimination is one reason why Jackson County became the home of a number of early German immigrants. They were farmers and business owners who pretty much kept to themselves for their own safety. Their worship services were conducted in German until World War I when they realized some might question their allegiance to America by holding church services in a foreign tongue. America was at war with Germany, you will recall.
There was a switch to English and, as added emphasis of their loyalty, many German churches began displaying the American flag at the front of their sanctuary. Not to be outdone by the German immigrants, other churches joined in the patriotic display.
Or I could just write that it is difficult to come up with a new topic each week. That would be more of the truth.


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